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NAME ^ - Test Tree and Tree::Persist

SYNOPSIS ^ [options]

        -copy TableName
        -starting_id N
        -table_name TableName

All switches can be reduced to a single letter.

Exit value: 0.


-copy TableName

Copy the rows from the table specified by -table_name to the table specified by -copy.

This option causes the -data_structure option to be ignored.

When -copy is not used, the tree is displayed in 1 of 2 ways. See -data_structure for details.


This option is only used when the -copy option is not used.

When -data_structure is used, the program displays a data structure suitable for encoding in JSON.

When not used (and -copy is not used), the program pretty-prints the menu. This is the default output.


Print help and exit.

-starting_id N

The id of the root of the tree.

Defaults to 1.

-table_name TableName

The name of the table to process.

This option is mandatory.


Print progress messages.

DESCRIPTION ^ Tree and Tree::Persist.

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