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GraphViz2::Marpa::PathUtils::Demo - Provide various analyses of Graphviz dot files


        shell> perl scripts/


This module is only for the use of the author.

GraphViz2::Marpa::PathUtils::Demo generates html/index.html using html/*.svg files.

See scripts/

Distributions ^

This module is available as a Unix-style distro (*.tgz).

See for help on unpacking and installing distros.

Installation ^

See "Installation" in GraphViz2::Marpa::PathUtils.

Constructor and Initialization ^

Calling new()

new() is called as my($obj) = GraphViz2::Marpa::PathUtils::Demo -> new.

It returns a new object of type GraphViz2::Marpa::PathUtils::Demo.

Methods ^


Generates html/index.html using html/*.svg files.

See scripts/

Version Numbers ^

Version numbers < 1.00 represent development versions. From 1.00 up, they are production versions.

Machine-Readable Change Log ^

The file CHANGES was converted into Changelog.ini by Module::Metadata::Changes.

Support ^

Email the author, or log a bug on RT:

Author ^

GraphViz2::Marpa::PathUtils was written by Ron Savage <> in 2012.

Home page:

Copyright ^

Australian copyright (c) 2012, Ron Savage.

        All Programs of mine are 'OSI Certified Open Source Software';
        you can redistribute them and/or modify them under the terms of
        The Artistic License, a copy of which is available at:
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