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NAME ^ - Cross-check pre-reqs in Build.PL/Makefile.PL with Module::CoreList

SYNOPSIS ^ [options]

        -dir_name dirName
        -file_name Build.PL or Makefile.PL
        -perl_version version
        -report_type html or text

All switches can be reduced to a single letter.

Exit value: 0.


o -dir_name dirName

Specify the name of the directory in which to look for Build.PL and/or Makefile.PL.

These 2 files are searched for in alphabetical order.

Default: '.'.

o -file_name Build.PL or Makefile.PL

Specify the name of the file to process, if you don't want the program to search as explained under -dir_name.

Default: ''.

o -help

Print help and exit.

o -perl_version version

Specify the version number of Perl to use to access data in Module::CoreList.

Perl V 5.10.1 must be written as 5.010001, and V 5.12.1 as 5.012001.

Default: ''.

o -report_type html or text

Specify the output report type:

o html

Use htdocs/assets/templates/module/metadata/corelist/ as the HTML template, and write the report to STDOUT.

o text

Write the report to STDOUT.

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