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Module Version: 0.2.2   Source  




Provide access to FreeMED 0.9.x+ data relay


Backend access to the FreeMED Electronic Medical Record and Practice Management system ( ) for versions begining with 0.9.0 using the JSON transport capabilities of its data relay.


new ( %options )

Returns a FreeMED::Relay object.

new takes "debug" as a boolean argument.

set_credentials ( $base_uri, $username, $password )

Sets the credentials used to access the FreeMED installation in question. The $base_uri variable should be the base name of the installation, such as "http://localhost/freemed".

login ( )

Log into the specified installation of FreeMED. Returns true or false depending on whether or not it is successful.

call ( $method, $params ... )

Execute a remote procedural call, translating to and from JSON transparently. If an argument is a hash with the keys '@var' and '@filename' it is assumed that the filename in question will be uploaded and attached to the form variable '@var'.

_init ( )

Internal method for initializing the LWP user agent, cookie jar and other special things.

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