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Artur Khabibullin > Raisin-0.72


This Release Raisin-0.72  [Download] [Browse 13 Feb 2017
Latest Release Raisin-0.73  [Download] [Browse 04 Sep 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Raisin A REST API microframework for Perl.     0.72
Raisin::API Provides Raisin DSL.      
Raisin::Decoder A helper for Raisin::Middleware::Formatter over decoder modules.      
Raisin::Encoder A helper for Raisin::Middleware::Formatter over encoder modules.      
Raisin::Encoder::JSON JSON serialization plugin for Raisin.      
Raisin::Encoder::Text Data::Dumper serialization plugin for Raisin.      
Raisin::Encoder::YAML YAML serialization plugin for Raisin.      
Raisin::Entity A simple facade to use with your API.      
Raisin::Entity::Object An expose object.      
Raisin::Logger Default logger for Raisin.      
Raisin::Middleware::Formatter A parser/formatter middleware for Raisin.      
Raisin::Param Parameter class for Raisin.      
Raisin::Plugin Base class for Raisin plugins.      
Raisin::Plugin::Logger Logger plugin for Raisin.      
Raisin::Plugin::Swagger Generates API description in Swagger 2/OpenAPI compatible format.      
Raisin::Request Request class for Raisin.      
Raisin::Routes A routing class for Raisin.      
Raisin::Routes::Endpoint Endpoint class for Raisin::Routes.      
Raisin::Util Utility subroutine for Raisin.      


raisin Raisin command script.