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Kathryn Andersen > Muster-0.62


This Release Muster-0.62  [Download] [Browse 11 Oct 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Muster web application for content management     0.62
Muster::Assemble page rendering     0.62
Muster::Command::init generate initial boilerplate app     0.62
Muster::Command::scan scan pages for metadata     0.62
Muster::Generator generates boilerplate for muster webapp     0.62
Muster::Hook Muster hook base class     0.62
Muster::Hook::Costings Muster hook for costings derivation     0.62
Muster::Hook::Counter Muster counter directives.     0.62
Muster::Hook::DeriveFields Muster hook for field derivation     0.62
Muster::Hook::Directives Muster base class for preprocessor directives     0.62
Muster::Hook::DynamicField Muster hook for dynamic fields     0.62
Muster::Hook::FieldSubst Muster hook for field substitution     0.62
Muster::Hook::GraphViz Muster graph directive using GraphViz.     0.62
Muster::Hook::HeadFoot Muster header and footer hook.     0.62
Muster::Hook::Img Muster image and thumbnailing directive     0.62
Muster::Hook::Include Muster include-page directive     0.62
Muster::Hook::Links Muster hook for links     0.62
Muster::Hook::Map Muster map and pmap directive.     0.62
Muster::Hook::Meta Muster meta directive     0.62
Muster::Hook::Shortcut Muster shortcut directive     0.62
Muster::Hook::SqlReport Muster SQL-report directive     0.62
Muster::Hook::Table Muster table directive.     0.62
Muster::Hook::Template Muster template directive.     0.62
Muster::Hooks scanning and processing hooks     0.62
Muster::LeafFile a file in a Muster content tree     0.62
Muster::LeafFile::EXIF an EXIF-containing file in a Muster content tree     0.62
Muster::LeafFile::epub an EPUB file in a Muster content tree     0.62
Muster::LeafFile::gif a GIF file in a Muster content tree     0.62
Muster::LeafFile::jpg a JPEG file in a Muster content tree     0.62
Muster::LeafFile::mdwn a Markdown file in a Muster content tree     0.62
Muster::LeafFile::pdf a PDF file in a Muster content tree     0.62
Muster::LeafFile::png a PNG file in a Muster content tree     0.62
Muster::LeafFile::txt a plain text file in a Muster content tree     0.62
Muster::MetaDb keeping meta-data about pages     0.62
Muster::PagesHelper helping with pages     0.62
Muster::Scanner updating meta-data about pages     0.62


muster bookmark web application