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Alexei Znamensky > DataFlow-1.121830


This Release DataFlow-1.121830  [Download] [Browse 01 Jul 2012
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


DataFlow A framework for dataflow processing     1.121830
DataFlow::Item A wrapper around the regular data processed by DataFlow     1.121830
DataFlow::Meta A piece of information metadata     1.121830
DataFlow::Policy::ArrayRef A ProcPolicy that accepts only array-references     1.121830
DataFlow::Policy::NOP A ProcPolicy that returns the very item passed     1.121830
DataFlow::Policy::Null A ProcPolicy that returns undef to any type     1.121830
DataFlow::Policy::ProcessInto A ProcPolicy that processes into references' values recursively     1.121830
DataFlow::Policy::ProcessIntoArrayRef A Policy that processes into array references only     1.121830
DataFlow::Policy::Scalar A ProcPolicy that treats scalars items and pass other types as-is.     1.121830
DataFlow::Policy::ScalarOnly A ProcPolicy that treats all items as scalars     1.121830
DataFlow::Policy::WithSpec A ProcPolicy that treats scalars items and pass other types as-is.     1.121830
DataFlow::Proc A data processor class     1.121830
DataFlow::Proc::CSV A CSV converting processor     1.121830
DataFlow::Proc::Converter A generic processor for format-conversion     1.121830
DataFlow::Proc::Encoding A encoding conversion processor     1.121830
DataFlow::Proc::MultiPageURLGenerator A processor that generates multi-paged URL lists     1.121830
DataFlow::Proc::NOP A No-Op processor: input data is passed unmodified to the output     1.121830
DataFlow::Proc::Null A 'null' processor, will discard any input and return undef in the output     1.121830
DataFlow::Proc::SQL A processor that generates SQL clauses     1.121830
DataFlow::Proc::SimpleFileInput A processor that reads that from a file     1.121830
DataFlow::Proc::SimpleFileOutput A processor that writes data to a file     1.121830
DataFlow::Proc::UC Upper-case processor: output data is input passed through uc()     1.121830
DataFlow::ProcWrapper Wrapper around a processor     1.121830
DataFlow::Role::Dumper A role that provides a facility for dumping data to STDERR     1.121830
DataFlow::Role::File A role that provides a file-handle for processors     1.121830
DataFlow::Role::ProcPolicy A role that defines how to use proc-handlers     1.121830
DataFlow::Role::Processor A role that defines anything that processes something     1.121830
DataFlow::Types Type definitions for DataFlow     1.121830


DataFlow::QuickStart DataFlow Quick Start Guide