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rt-nginx-control - script to start, stop or restart nginx and/or fcgi running RT


    rt-nginx-control start
    rt-nginx-control stop
    rt-nginx-control restart

    rt-nginx-control start fcgi
    rt-nginx-control stop fcgi
    rt-nginx-control restart fcgi

    rt-nginx-control start nginx
    rt-nginx-control stop nginx
    rt-nginx-control restart nginx


This script allows you to control nginx and/or fcgi processes that run RT. You can control both if you run nothing but RT on the server or control only one part of the setup. For example if you run something else on nginx server then use the scrip to contol fcgi part only.

The script expects that nginx and plackup commands are in your PATH.

You can take a look at the source code of the script to get idea which commands are executed, where files are located. The script is very simple.

NOTE: one important thing this script does is that it runs servers under web user, not user you start it under (root).

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