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Sybsource - Reporter Handler for sybase connection


        use Data::Reporter::Sybsource;

        $source = new Data::Reporter::Sybsource(File => $file,
                                Arguments => $info,
                                Query => $query);

                $file           - information file about connection login
                $info           - array reference (usr, pwd, db, srv) about connection login
                $query          - query to execute for getting data

        $source->configure(option => value, ...);
        $subru = sub {print "record -> $_\n"};



Creates a new handler to manipulate the sybase information.

$source->configure(option => value)

valid options are:

File Information file about connection login. The file must have the following information: user, password, database, server. database and server can be defined as "default", so the conexion uses the server defaults. These items must come in this order, each on a separate line.

Arguments array reference with the following information: usr, pwd , db, srv. db and srv can be "undef" so the conexion uses the server defaults. This can be used instead of the File option

query string with the query to execute to retrive the data

Handler Sybase conexion handler. The class uses this handler to perform the query


For each record of the query result, calls the function $subru, sending the record as parameter


Close sybase connection

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