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This Release Tangram-2.07  [Download] [Browse 03 Dec 2003 ** UNAUTHORIZED RELEASE **
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License unknown
Special Files


Tangram Mapping inheritance    2.07
Tangram::AbstractArray   UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::AbstractHash   UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::AbstractSet   UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Array map Perl arrays using a link table  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Coll   UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Core import core Tangram modules     
Tangram::Cursor traverse a result set  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::DMDateTime   UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Expr manipulate expressions on database server side  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::FlatArray map Perl array of strings or numbers  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::FlatHash map Perl hash of scalar keys and values  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Hash   UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::IntrArray map Perl arrays using a foreign key  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::IntrSet map Set::Object using a foreign key  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::PerlDump map any Perl object as scalar dump  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::RawDate   UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::RawDateTime   UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::RawTime   UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Ref map references to persistent objects  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Relational Orthogonal Object Persistence in Relational Databases  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Relational::Engine   UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Scalar map scalar fields  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Schema describe a system of persistent classes  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Set maps Set::Object using a link table  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Springfield classes and schema used in the Guided Tour  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Storage persistent object database  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Sybase Orthogonal Object Persistence in Sybase databases  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::Type mapping individual fields  UNAUTHORIZED  
Tangram::mysql Orthogonal Object Persistence in Mysql databases  UNAUTHORIZED  


Tangram::DateTime map date & time fields 
Tangram::Deploy obsolete 
Tangram::Dialect support for SQL dialects and extensions 
Tangram::Remote represent persistent objects in client space 
Tangram::Type::Extending teaching Tangram about new types