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Tangram::Type::Set::FromOne - map Set::Object using a foreign key


   use Tangram;

   # or
   use Tangram::Core;
   use Tangram::Type::Set::FromOne;

   $schema = Tangram::Schema->new(

      classes => { Basket => { fields => {

      iset =>
         # long form
         fruits =>
            class => 'Fruit',
            coll => 'basket',

         # or (short form)
         fruits => 'Fruit',


This class maps references to Set::Object collections in an intrusive fashion. The persistent fields are grouped in a hash under the iset key in the field hash.

The set may contain only objects of persistent classes. These classes must have a common persistent base class.

Tangram uses a column on the element's table to store the id of the object containing the collection.

CAUTION: the same object may not be an element of the same collection, in two different objects. This mapping may be used only for one-to-many relationships.

The field names are passed in a hash that associates a field name with a field descriptor. The field descriptor may be either a hash or a string. The hash uses the following fields:

If the descriptor is a string, it is interpreted as the name of the element's class. This is equivalent to specifying only the class field in the hash variant.

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