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License The Artistic License 2.0 (GPL Compatible)
Special Files


FLTK Perl bindings to the 2.0.x branch of the Fast Light Toolkit     0.532009
FLTK::Adjuster FLTK::Valuator subclass     0.532006
FLTK::AlignGroup Align layout manager     0.532006
FLTK::AnsiWidget Displays ANSI escape codes     0.532006
FLTK::AssociationFunctor     0.532006
FLTK::AssociationType Base class for the association type     0.532006
FLTK::BarGroup A closable strip typically used as a container for toolbars     0.532006
FLTK::Box Define your own values for box() on a widget by making one of these     0.532006
FLTK::Browser Subclass of FLTK::Menu     0.532006
FLTK::Browser::Mark Subclass of FLTK::Menu     0.532006
FLTK::Button Push button widget     0.532006
FLTK::CheckButton Push button widget     0.532006
FLTK::Choice Popup list of items that the user can choose one of     0.532006
FLTK::Clock Clock widget for the Fast Light Tool Kit     0.532006
FLTK::ClockOutput Base class of FLTK::Clock     0.532006
FLTK::Color A color value (Wow, yeah, I know...)     0.532006
FLTK::ColorChooser Color chooser for the Fast Light Tool Kit     0.532006
FLTK::ComboBox Single line input field with predefined choices via popup menu     0.532006
FLTK::Cursor Mouse cursor support for the Fast Light Tool Kit     0.532006
FLTK::CycleButton Popup list of items that the user can choose one of     0.532006
FLTK::Dial Rotating value control     0.532006
FLTK::Divider Widget to draw a divider line in a menu     0.532006
FLTK::EngravedLabel Determines how to draw a label's text with an engraved look     0.532006
FLTK::FileBrowser Subclass of FLTK::Browser     0.532006
FLTK::FileIcon Subclass of FLTK::Image used to represent a single file type     0.532006
FLTK::FileInput Subclass of FLTK::Browser     0.532006
FLTK::FillDial Subclass of FLTK::Dial which draws a pie slice     0.532006
FLTK::FillSlider Subclass of FLTK::Slider     0.532006
FLTK::Flags Unified flags set for FLTK     0.532006
FLTK::FlatBox Box drawing code for the Fast Light Tool Kit (FLTK)     0.532006
FLTK::FloatInput Subclass of FLTK::NumericInput     0.532006
FLTK::Font Font selection code for the Fast Light Tool Kit     0.532006
FLTK::FrameBox Box drawing code for the Fast Light Tool Kit (FLTK)     0.532006
FLTK::GL Portable OpenGL     0.532006
FLTK::GlWindow ...exactly what you think it is     0.532006
FLTK::Group Base class for all container widgets     0.532007
FLTK::HelpDialog Help dialog with basic HTML viewing capabilities     0.532006
FLTK::HelpView Basic HTML viewer     0.532006
FLTK::HighlightBox Draw a box only when highlighted or selected     0.532006
FLTK::HighlightButton This button highlights even if the default style does not do so     0.532006
FLTK::Image Basic image handling     0.532006
FLTK::Input One-line text input field     0.532006
FLTK::InputBrowser Input Browser (Combo Box) widget     0.532006
FLTK::IntInput Input box which accepts only numeric input     0.532006
FLTK::InvisibleBox Standard mime trap     0.532006
FLTK::Item Widget designed to be a menu or browser item     0.532006
FLTK::ItemGroup Widget designed to be a nested list in a menu or browser     0.532006
FLTK::LabelType Determines how to draw a label's text     0.532006
FLTK::Layout Values of the bits stored in FLTK::Widget::layout_damage( )     0.532006
FLTK::LightButton Forms/XForms/Flame style button with indicator light on left     0.532006
FLTK::LineDial Dial subclass     0.532006
FLTK::Menu Utility functions for Menu type widgets     0.532006
FLTK::MenuBar Typical Window Menu     0.532006
FLTK::MenuSection Makes dynamic (& hand-made) menu code less painful     0.532006
FLTK::MenuWindow Temporary, unmovable popup window     0.532006
FLTK::Monitor Represents the entire viewing area     0.532006
FLTK::MultiBrowser Browser that lets the user select more than one item at a time     0.532006
FLTK::MultiImage Image type that draws a different image depending on the flags     0.532006
FLTK::MultiLineInput Editor for small number of lines of text     0.532006
FLTK::MultiLineOutput Small text display without scrollbars     0.532006
FLTK::NamedStyle Simulate themes (by name) for the Fast Light Toolkit     0.532006
FLTK::NumericInput One-line text input field for basic math and numeric expressions     0.532006
FLTK::Output One-line text output     0.532006
FLTK::PackedGroup Group that packs all it's child widgets against the edges     0.532006
FLTK::PixelType Describes how colors are stored in a pixel     0.532006
FLTK::Plugin Portable loading of plugins     0.532006
FLTK::PopupMenu Group that packs all it's child widgets against the edges     0.532006
FLTK::Preferences Application preferences     0.532006
FLTK::ProgressBar Widget meant to display progress of some operation     0.532006
FLTK::RadioButton Button with a circle indicator to it's left, turning it on turns off all other radio buttons in the same Group     0.532006
FLTK::RadioItem This widget makes a radio item in a popup or pulldown Menu     0.532006
FLTK::RadioLightButton LightButton that toggles off all others in the group when turned on     0.532006
FLTK::Rectangle Base class for Widgets, Windows, Monitors, and just about everything else you can see     0.532006
FLTK::RepeatButton This button does it's callback repeatedly while the user holds the button down.     0.532006
FLTK::ReturnButton 12:50, press Return     0.532006
FLTK::ScrollGroup Group that adds scrollbars so you can scroll around the area     0.532006
FLTK::Scrollbar Controls an integer position of a window of a given size inside a data set of a given total size     0.532006
FLTK::SecretInput Password field     0.532006
FLTK::ShapedWindow Custom shaped window     0.532006
FLTK::Slider Slider value control     0.532006
FLTK::StatusBarGroup Create and handle a StatusBar with minimum effort     0.532006
FLTK::Style Simulate themes for the Fast Light Toolkit     0.532006
FLTK::Symbol Base class for all small, reusable graphics     0.532006
FLTK::TabGroup For Making a 'Tabbed' Dialog Boxes     0.532006
FLTK::TabGroupPager Class based FLTK::TabGroup behavior definition     0.532006
FLTK::TextBuffer     0.532006
FLTK::TextDisplay     0.532007
FLTK::TextDisplay::StyleTableEntry     0.532006
FLTK::TextSelection     0.532006
FLTK::Theme     0.532006
FLTK::ToggleButton Subclass of FLTK::Button which clicks on and off     0.532007
FLTK::ToggleItem FLTK::Item with an on/off indicator     0.532007
FLTK::Valuator Base class for sliders and all other one-value "knobs"     0.532006
FLTK::ValueInput Text field for inputing a floating-point number     0.532006
FLTK::ValueOutput Valuator that displays the number like a text box     0.532006
FLTK::ValueSlider Slider and FloatInput combo widget     0.532007
FLTK::Version Version info for FLTK     0.532006
FLTK::Widget Base class for all widgets in the Fast Light Toolkit     0.532006
FLTK::Window Where you put stuff     0.532006
FLTK::ask Implementation of message, ask, choice, and input functions     0.532006
FLTK::ccCellBox Part of the FLTK::ColorChooser megawidget     0.532006
FLTK::ccHueBox Part of the FLTK::ColorChooser megawidget     0.532006
FLTK::ccValueBox Part of the FLTK::ColorChooser megawidget     0.532006
FLTK::damage Values of the bits stored in FLTK::Widget::damage( )     0.532006
FLTK::draw The FLTK drawing library, used by all widgets to draw themselves     0.532006
FLTK::events Event types and data     0.532006
FLTK::file_chooser File chooser widget for the Fast Light Tool Kit     0.532006
FLTK::pnmImage PNM image support for the Fast Light Tool Kit     0.532006
FLTK::run Basic activity functions for the Fast Light Toolkit     0.532007
FLTK::xpmImage Image subclass that draws the data from an xpm format file     0.532006


FLTK::Basics An introduction  
FLTK::CheatSheet FLTK... Cheat sheet. >_> Yeah.  
FLTK::Cookbook Fresh code just like mom used to make  
FLTK::Cookbook::MenuBar::Label Changing MenuItem's Labels At Runtime  
FLTK::Cookbook::MenuBar::Toggle Shows how to toggle menu items at run time  
FLTK::Cookbook::ProgressBar::Process Update the user while processing in the background  
FLTK::Cookbook::TabGroup::Simple Very simple demonstation of FLTK::TabGroup  
FLTK::Notes Annotated Guide to the Ins and Outs of FLTK  
FLTK::Todo TODO list for Perl module FLTK