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SOAP::Message - Really simple SOAP


Simple SOAP for the unwashed masses


 use SOAP::Message;

 ## Procedural interface

 # Make SOAP
 my $message = SOAP::Message::create(
        version    => '1.1',
        body       => $xml_data,
 # Receive SOAP
 my ( $header,$body ) = SOAP::Message::parse( $incoming );

 ## OO interface
 # Set some defaults up...
 my $object = SOAP::Message->new( version => '1.2', prefix => 'SOAP' );

 # Then just continue as normal...
 my $message = $object->create( body => $body, header => $header );
 # And for convenience...
 my ( $header, $body ) = $object->parse( $incoming );


90% of using SOAP appears to be jumping through many hoops to do something pretty simple - putting an XML wrapper around another piece of XML, or removing the XML wrapper around a piece of XML.

That's all this package does. And not particularly cleverly. And that's all it wants to do. Chances are it handles everything you need it to.



Creates a new SOAP message. Accepts:

version - which can either be 1.1 or 1.2. Defaults to 1.1. This affects what the namespace will be: - 1.1 - 1.2 


body - which is the message body, and can be anything you fancy. Optional.

header - which is the header, and can be anything you want. Optional.

prefix - which is the prefix we use. Defaults to 'env'. Common examples soapenv, soap, env and so on. Optional. We don't perform any validation on this.

Returns a string containing your SOAP message.


Parses a SOAP message in a string. Returns a list containing the header and the body as strings.


Like parse(), but returns XML::XPath::Nodeset objects instead.


Accepts the same arguments as create(), and sets them as the defaults for subsequent calls to create.


Peter Sergeant -

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