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Steven Bakker > Term-CLI-0.04008


This Release Term-CLI-0.04008  [Download] [Browse 13 Mar 2018
Latest Release Term-CLI-0.051002  [Download] [Browse 16 Mar 2018
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Term::CLI CLI interpreter based on Term::ReadLine     0.04008
Term::CLI::Argument generic parent class for arguments in Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::Argument::Bool class for "boolean" arguments in Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::Argument::Enum class for "enum" string arguments in Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::Argument::Filename class for file name arguments in Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::Argument::Number base class for numerical arguments in Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::Argument::Number::Float class for floating point arguments in Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::Argument::Number::Int class for integer arguments in Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::Argument::String class for basic string arguments in Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::Base generic base class for Term::CLI classes     0.04008
Term::CLI::Command Class for (sub-)commands in Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::Command::Help A generic 'help' command for Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::Element generic parent class for elements in Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::L10N localizations for Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::L10N::en English localizations for Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::L10N::nl Dutch localizations for Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::ReadLine maintain a single Term::ReadLine object     0.04008
Term::CLI::Role::ArgumentSet Role for (sub-)commands in Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::Role::CommandSet Role for (sub-)commands in Term::CLI     0.04008
Term::CLI::Role::HelpText Role for generating help text in Term::CLI     0.04008


Term::CLI::Intro introduction to Term::CLI class structure  
Term::CLI::Tutorial tips, tricks, and examples for Term::CLI