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This Release Date-Manip-6.60  [Download] [Browse 01 Sep 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


Date::Manip Date manipulation routines     6.60
Date::Manip::Base Base methods for date manipulation     6.60
Date::Manip::DM5 Date manipulation routines     6.60
Date::Manip::DM5abbrevs A list of all timezone abbreviations     6.60
Date::Manip::DM6 Date manipulation routines     6.60
Date::Manip::Date Methods for working with dates     6.60
Date::Manip::Delta Methods for working with deltas     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::catalan Catalan language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::danish Danish language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::dutch Dutch language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::english English language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::finnish Finnish language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::french French language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::german German language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::index An index of languages supported by Date::Manip     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::italian Italian language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::norwegian Norwegian language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::polish Polish language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::portugue Portuguese language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::romanian Romanian language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::russian Russian language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::spanish Spanish language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::swedish Swedish language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Lang::turkish Turkish language support.     6.60
Date::Manip::Obj Base class for Date::Manip objects     6.60
Date::Manip::Recur methods for working with recurring events     6.60
Date::Manip::TZ an interface to the time zone data     6.60
Date::Manip::TZ_Base Methods common to the TZ and Base classes     6.60
Date::Manip::TZdata Internal module for working with the tzdata files     6.60
Date::Manip::Zones Time zone information     6.60


Date::Manip::Calc describes date calculations  
Date::Manip::Changes5 changes in Date::Manip 5.xx  
Date::Manip::Changes5to6 describes differences between 5.xx and 6.00  
Date::Manip::Changes6 changes in Date::Manip 6.xx  
Date::Manip::Config Date::Manip configuration  
Date::Manip::ConfigFile sample config file  
Date::Manip::Examples examples of how to use Date::Manip  
Date::Manip::History Twenty years and still going strong  
Date::Manip::Holidays describes holidays and events  
Date::Manip::Interfaces A description of functional and OO interfaces  
Date::Manip::Lang language support for Date::Manip  
Date::Manip::Migration5to6 how to upgrade from 5.xx to 6.00  
Date::Manip::Misc Miscellaneous information about Date::Manip  
Date::Manip::Objects A description of the various Date::Manip objects  
Date::Manip::Problems problems and bugs  

Other Files