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Finance::SE::OMX - Getting stock information from the swedish stock exchange


    use Finance::SE::OMX;


Finance::SE::OMX provides a simple interface for retrieving stock information from the swedish stock exchange. It uses LWP::Simple for the communication with the searchform.



Standard constructor. Takes no arguments.


Retrieves information about a stock based on the supplied shortname. It returns this information as an array where the elements are: 0 - Full name of company 1 - The increase/decrease of the stock in SEK 2 - The increase/decrease of the stock in % 3 - The buy share price 4 - The sell share price 5 - The latest share price 6 - The highest share price 7 - The lowest share price 8 - The share volume 9 - The company's turnover 10 - Time of last update 11 - The short name of the company

If no stock where found, it returns undef.


Retrieves a whole list of stocks in an array of arrays structure. Which list it returns is chosen by the argument given to it. The arguments are:

    0 - A-listan samtliga
    1 - A-listan mest omsatta
    2 - A-listan övriga
    3 - O-listan samtliga
    4 - O-listan Attract40
    5 - O-listan övriga

The arrays in the array is shaped like the one that gets returned by get_data_short(), since they both use the same function for retrieving the data.

It dies if it can't succeed.


$stock = Finance::SE::OMX->new;

@bol = $stock->get_data_short("BOL");

print "$bol[0]\t\t$bol[5]\t\t$bol[10]\n";


If you find any bugs, please notify me somehow and I'll fix it. If OMX changes their website, then this module may need a serious update.


Sebastian Cato


Copyright (c) 2006, Sebastian Cato. All Rights Reserved.

This program is free software. You may copy and/or redistribute it under the same terms as Perl itself.

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