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R3::func - Perl extension for calling remote functions in a R/3 system


  use R3::func;
  $func = new R3::func ($conn, $func_name);
  call $func (\@export, \@tables, $field_1, $value_1, $field_2, $value_2,
  $field_3, $value_3, ... $field_n, $value_n);
  undef $func;


R3::func::new enables a R/3 function to be called from perl. The function interface is retrieved from the R/3 system. R3::func::new takes two parameters, first parameter is a R3::conn, second is the name of the ABAP function.

R3::func::call calls the ABAP function specified in R3::func::new. R3::func::call takes two or more parameters. First parameter is a reference to an array of export variable and export value pairs. Second parameter is a reference to an array of table name and table handle pairs. Third and further parameters are import variable name and import variable pairs. Use references to empty arrays, [], if there is no export variables and/or tables in the function interface.

Example: ... $func=new R3::func ($conn, "RFC_GET_TABLE_ENTRIES"); $itab=new R3::itab ($conn, "TAB512"); call $func ([TABLE_NAME=>'TVKO', GEN_KEY=>'2'], [ENTRIES=>$itab], NUMBER_OF_ENTRIES=>$e); ...


Johan Schoen,


perl(1), R3(3), R3::conn(3), R3::itab(3) and R3::rfcapi(3).

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