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Steffen Schwigon
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Distribution Released
AAAA-Mail-SpamAssassin-0.002 making Mail::SpamAssassin installable [Download] [Browse] 14 Dec 2012
Acme-Rautavistic-Sort-0.03 Rautavistic sort functions [Download] [Browse] 05 Oct 2015
Acme-Uenicoede-0.0501   [Download] [Browse] 29 Jul 2008
App-Bootstrap-Perl-0.14 Bootstrap Perl inclusive CPAN from git [Download] [Browse] 22 Apr 2018
App-DPath-0.10 Cmdline tool around Data::DPath [Download] [Browse] 17 Feb 2017
App-Prove-Plugin-Idempotent-0.01 a prove plugin to keep output TAP reusable [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2011
Bash-Completion-Plugins-pinto-0.004 Bash completion for pinto [Download] [Browse] 07 Jan 2016
Benchmark-Perl-Formance-0.53 Perl 5 performance benchmarking framework [Download] [Browse] 23 Apr 2016
Benchmark-Perl-Formance-Analyzer-0.007 Benchmark::Perl::Formance - analyze results [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2016
Benchmark-Perl-Formance-Cargo-0.07 PerlFormance - Invariant cargo files [Download] [Browse] 23 Aug 2012
Benchmark-Perl-Formance-Plugin-Mandelbrot-0.001 Benchmark::Perl::Formance plugin - more modern mandelbrot [Download] [Browse] 23 Apr 2016
Benchmark-Perl-Formance-Plugin-PerlStone2015-0.002 Benchmark::Perl::Formance plugin covering a representative set of sub benchmarks [Download] [Browse] 23 Apr 2016
BenchmarkAnything-Config-0.003 Read BenchmarkAnything configfile [Download] [Browse] 29 Sep 2015
BenchmarkAnything-Evaluations-0.003 Evaluation support for BenchmarkAnything data [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2016
BenchmarkAnything-Reporter-0.003 Handle result reporting to a BenchmarkAnything HTTP/REST API [Download] [Browse] 29 Sep 2015
BenchmarkAnything-Schema-0.004 Tooling to handle the "BenchmarkAnything" schema [Download] [Browse] 23 Feb 2016
BenchmarkAnything-Storage-Backend-SQL-0.024 Autonomous SQL backend to store benchmarks [Download] [Browse] 11 Apr 2018
BenchmarkAnything-Storage-Frontend-HTTP-0.012 Access a BenchmarkAnything store via HTTP [Download] [Browse] 11 Apr 2018
BenchmarkAnything-Storage-Frontend-Lib-0.022 Basic functions to access a BenchmarkAnything store [Download] [Browse] 11 Apr 2018
BenchmarkAnything-Storage-Frontend-Tools-0.019 Access a BenchmarkAnything store with cmdline tools [Download] [Browse] 08 Feb 2017
BenchmarkAnything-Storage-Search-Elasticsearch-0.002 Utility functions to use Elasticsearch with BenchmarkAnything storage [Download] [Browse] 03 Feb 2017
Clarity-XOG-Merge-1.001 Merge several Clarity XML Open Gateway (XOG) files [Download] [Browse] 01 Jul 2011
Class-MethodMaker-2.24 a module for creating generic methods [Download] [Browse] 31 Mar 2015
Config-INI-Serializer-0.002 Round-trip INI serializer for nested data [Download] [Browse] 03 Oct 2015
Crypt-OpenBSD-Blowfish-0.01 Perl extension for the OpenBSD Blowfish cipher implementation. [Download] [Browse] 23 Apr 2016
Crypt-OpenSSH-ChachaPoly-0.02-reupload1 Wrapper for OpenSSH Chacha20 and Poly1305 crypto functions [Download] [Browse] 13 Oct 2016
Data-DPath-0.57 DPath is not XPath! [Download] [Browse] 18 Aug 2017
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-SCHWIGON-0.019 Build your distributions like SCHWIGON does [Download] [Browse] 29 Apr 2016
emacs-tap-mode-0.06 Emacs major mode for editing .tap-files [Download] [Browse] 13 Sep 2017
Linux-Personality-0.01 Perl interface to the personality(2) Linux system call. [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2010
LockFile-Simple-0.208 simple file locking scheme [Download] [Browse] 01 Jun 2012
Net-SSH-Perl-2.14 Perl client interface to SSH [Download] [Browse] 23 Aug 2017
Object-Tiny-RW-1.07 A date object with as little code as possible (and rw accessors) [Download] [Browse] 21 Sep 2011
PDF-FDF-Simple-0.21 Read and write (Acrobat) FDF files. [Download] [Browse] 07 May 2009
pod-mode-1.03 Emacs major mode for editing .pod-files [Download] [Browse] 08 Jul 2010
Pod-Weaver-PluginBundle-SCHWIGON-0.003 Document your modules like SCHWIGON does [Download] [Browse] 14 Sep 2015
TAP-DOM-0.14 TAP as Document Object Model. [Download] [Browse] 17 Feb 2017
TAP-DOM-Waivers-0.002 Patching TAP::DOM, usually for test waivers [Download] [Browse] 07 Oct 2015
TAP-Harness-Archive-0.18 Create an archive of TAP test results [Download] [Browse] 27 Nov 2015
Task-BeLike-SCHWIGON-0.007 Modules SCHWIGON uses [Download] [Browse] 03 May 2016
Task-BenchmarkAnything-0.003 Max dependencies for BenchmarkAnything [Download] [Browse] 23 Apr 2016
Task-Bootstrap-Perl-CPAN-0.003 Dependencies for App::Bootstrap::Perl - CPAN bundle [Download] [Browse] 22 Apr 2018
Task-PerlFormance-0.008 Max dependencies for Benchmark::Perl::Formance [Download] [Browse] 21 Apr 2018
Test-Fixture-DBIC-Schema-0.04 load fixture data to storage. [Download] [Browse] 02 May 2013
Test-Mock-Test-0.01 Mock Test::* code to succeed or do nothing. [Download] [Browse] 18 Jan 2011
Test-TAPv13-0.002 provide TAP v13 support to test scripts [Download] [Browse] 07 Aug 2012
WWW-TWikiClient-0.11 WWW::Mechanize-based client to access a TWiki. [Download] [Browse] 27 Mar 2010