Scott Wiersdorf
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Distribution Released
AnyEvent-Beanstalk-Worker-0.04 Event-driven FSA for beanstalk queues [Download] [Browse] 29 Nov 2014
Business-PayPal-NVP-1.10 PayPal NVP API [Download] [Browse] 30 Mar 2016
Config-Crontab-1.41 Read/Write Vixie compatible crontab(5) files [Download] [Browse] 26 May 2016
Config-Savelogs-0.11 Read and write savelogs configuration files [Download] [Browse] 24 Mar 2009
IO-Dirent-0.05 Access to dirent structs returned by readdir [Download] [Browse] 22 Aug 2011
Linux-Taskstats-Read-6.01 Read Linux taskstats structures [Download] [Browse] 10 Jun 2008
Mail-Procmailrc-1.09 An interface to Procmail recipe files [Download] [Browse] 10 Jun 2005
Module-Build-Prereq-0.04 Verify your Build.PL/Makefile.PL has all the modules you use() [Download] [Browse] 04 Oct 2013
savelogs-1.98 save/rotate/delete log files nicely [Download] [Browse] 15 Oct 2011
Template-Trivial-0.08 Simple (yet powerful) and fast substitution templates [Download] [Browse] 18 Jul 2007
Term-Twiddle-2.73 Twiddles a thingy while-u-wait [Download] [Browse] 19 Oct 2012
WWW-BetterServers-API-0.09 Perl interface for the BetterServers REST API [Download] [Browse] 13 May 2014
WWW-Twilio-API-0.18 Accessing Twilio's REST API with Perl [Download] [Browse] 13 Oct 2014
WWW-Twilio-TwiML-1.05 Light and fast TwiML generator [Download] [Browse] 30 Nov 2011