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Sean Dague > ppt-0.12


This Release ppt-0.12  [Download] [Browse 11 Jun 2001
Latest Release ppt-0.14  [Download] [Browse 05 Aug 2004
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Bundle::PPT A bundle for install perl power tools via CPAN    0.12


Algorithm::Diff Compute `intelligent' differences between two files / lists 
addbib create or extend a bibliographic database 
arithmetic improve your arithmetic skills. 
asa interpret ASA/FORTRAN carriage-controls 
awk pattern-directed scanning and processing language 
banner print large banner on printer 
basename print the basename of a file. 
bin/unexpand member of the Perl Power Tools. 
cat concatenate and print files. 
chgrp change group ownership of files. 
ching the Book of Changes 
chown change ownership of files. 
clear clear the screen 
cmp compare two files 
colrm remove columns from a file 
cp copy files and/or directories 
cut select portions of each line of a file 
demorse read morse and translate it to text 
deroff strip troff, eqn and tbl sequences from text 
dirname print the directory name of a path. 
du display disk usage statistics 
echo echo arguments 
env Run a program in a modified environment. 
expand expand tabs to spaces, and vice versa 
expr evaluate expression 
file determine file type 
find search directory tree for files matching a pattern 
fish plays the children's game of Go Fish 
fold wrap each input line to fit specified width 
fortune print a random, hopefully interesting, adage 
head print the first lines of a file. 
id show user information 
join relational database operator 
kill send signals to a process 
ln create links 
look find lines in a sorted list 
ls list file/directory information 
mail implementation of Berkeley mail(1) 
maze generate a maze problem 
mkfifo make named pipes 
moo play a game of MOO 
morse Translate standard input into morse code 
nlcvt convert foreign line terminators 
od dump files in octal and other formats 
paste merge corresponding or subsequent lines of files 
patch apply a diff file to an original 
ping probe for network hosts 
pom display the phase of the moon 
pr convert text files for printing 
primes generate primes 
printenv Display the environment 
printf format and print data 
pwd working directory name 
rain Let it rain. 
random display lines at random, or exit with a random value. 
rev reverse lines of a file 
rmdir remove directories 
shar create a shell archive of files 
sleep suspend execution for a number of seconds. 
sort sort or merge text files 
split split a file into pieces 
strings extract strings 
sum display file checksums and block counts 
tac concatenate and print files in reverse 
tail display the last part of a file 
tcgrep search for regular expressions and print 
tcsort topological sort 
test condition evaluation utility 
touch change access and modification times of files. 
tr translate or delete characters 
true Exit succesfully. false - Exit unsuccesfully. 
uname print system information 
unexpand expand tabs to spaces, and vice versa 
uniq report or filter out repeated lines in a file 
unshar extract files from a shell archive 
wc paragraph, line, word, character, and byte counter. 
what extract version information from a file 
which report full paths of commands. 
words find words which can be made from a string of letters 
wump Perl port of the "Hunt the Wumpus" game 
yes print out a string till doomsday.