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Distribution Released
DBD-Simulated-0.01 Fake DBI database driver simulating a database for testing error checks [Download] [Browse] 02 Apr 2012
Encode-Deep-0.01 Encode or decode each element of a reference and it's sub-references. [Download] [Browse] 30 Aug 2012
Format-Human-Bytes-0.06 Format a bytecount and make it human readable [Download] [Browse] 14 Sep 2010
Padre-Plugin-PHP-0.03 Padre and PHP [Download] [Browse] 08 Nov 2009
Perl-Staff-0.03 People working for Perl [Download] [Browse] 31 Mar 2010
Tie-DBIx-Class-0.01 Tie a DBIx::Class ResultSet into a hash [Download] [Browse] 06 Feb 2010
Tie-Hash-MongoDB-0.01 Tie a hash to a MongoDB document [Download] [Browse] 26 Jul 2011
YAWF-0.01 Yet another web framework [Download] [Browse] 16 Jun 2011
YAWF-Object-MongoDB-0.03 Object of a MongoDB document [Download] [Browse] 18 Feb 2013