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Data-Schema-Schema-CPANMeta-0.09 Schema for CPAN Meta [Download] [Browse] 21 Apr 2010
Data-Format-Pretty-Ruby-0.01 Pretty-print data structure as Ruby code [Download] [Browse] 11 Aug 2011
Org-To-Pod-0.00 Export Org document to Pod [Download] [Browse] 06 Sep 2011
Org-To-Text-0.00 Export Org document to text [Download] [Browse] 06 Sep 2011
Ledger-Parser-0.03 Parse Ledger journals [Download] [Browse] 31 Oct 2011
Serabi-0.00 Create REST-style web service with Riap backend [Download] [Browse] 02 Feb 2012
Perinci-Sub-ConvertArgs-Array-0.04 Convert hash arguments to array [Download] [Browse] 09 Feb 2012
WWW-GudangAPI-0.04 Client library for [Download] [Browse] 22 Mar 2012
RSS-From-Forum-vBulletin-0.05 Get RSS page by parsing vBulletin forum display page [Download] [Browse] 22 Mar 2012
Perinci-Gen-ForModule-0.03 Generate metadata for a module [Download] [Browse] 28 Mar 2012
Parse-Number-EN-0.04 Pattern to match number [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2012
Parse-Number-ID-0.05 Parse number from Indonesian text [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2012
Lingua-ID-Nums2Words-0.03 Convert number to Indonesian verbage [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2012
Lingua-ID-Words2Nums-0.15 Convert Indonesian verbage to number [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2012
Business-BankCard-0.01 Utilities for dealing with bank card number (ISO/IEC 7812) [Download] [Browse] 06 Jul 2012
Locale-ID-Locality-0.04 List of localities (cities/regencies) in Indonesia [Download] [Browse] 10 Jul 2012
Locale-ID-Province-0.04 List of provinces in Indonesia [Download] [Browse] 10 Jul 2012
Business-BankCard-Indonesia-0.03 Utilities for dealing with bank card number issued in Indonesia [Download] [Browse] 10 Jul 2012
Business-BankList-Indonesia-0.04 List banks/financial institutions in Indonesia [Download] [Browse] 10 Jul 2012
Parse-VarName-0.01 Routines to parse variable name [Download] [Browse] 18 Jul 2012
Perinci-Web-0.00 Rinci/Riap-based web application framework [Download] [Browse] 24 Jul 2012
Pod-Weaver-Section-Changes-0.02 Add a CHANGES POD section [Download] [Browse] 31 Jul 2012
Array-Find-0.07 Find items in array, with several options [Download] [Browse] 02 Aug 2012
Lingua-SU-Nums2Words-0.03 Convert number to Sundanese verbage [Download] [Browse] 03 Aug 2012
Data-Format-Pretty-PHP-0.03 Pretty-print data structure as PHP code [Download] [Browse] 07 Aug 2012
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Extras-0.01 Put and ignore extra parameters in dist.ini [Download] [Browse] 07 Aug 2012
CPAN-Critic-Module-Abstract-0.02 Critic CPAN module abstract [Download] [Browse] 08 Aug 2012
LWP-UserAgent-Patch-HTTPSHardTimeout-0.04 Add hard timeout to HTTPS requests [Download] [Browse] 09 Aug 2012
Perinci-Sub-Gen-0.01 Common stuffs used by Perinci::Sub::Gen::* [Download] [Browse] 10 Aug 2012
Perinci-Easy-0.28 Some easy shortcuts for Perinci [Download] [Browse] 10 Aug 2012
HTTP-Daemon-Patch-IPv6-0.06 Avoid error when IO::Socket::INET6 is around [Download] [Browse] 13 Aug 2012
App-HasPrereqs-0.03 Check whether your Perl installation has prerequisites in dist.ini [Download] [Browse] 28 Aug 2012
Setup-1.0.4 Specification for setup module [Download] [Browse] 03 Sep 2012
UUID-Random-Patch-UseMRS-0.01 Make UUID::Random use Math::Random::Secure's rand() [Download] [Browse] 06 Sep 2012
Text-Fragment-0.01 Manipulate fragments in text [Download] [Browse] 12 Sep 2012
IOD-0.9.0 IOD file format specification [Download] [Browse] 15 Oct 2012
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Test-Rinci-0.01 A release test for Rinci metadata [Download] [Browse] 06 Nov 2012
Test-Sah-0.01 Test data against Sah schema [Download] [Browse] 07 Nov 2012
Software-Catalog-0.03 Software catalog [Download] [Browse] 07 Nov 2012
Software-Release-Watch-SW-wordpress-0.01 Watch wordpress releases [Download] [Browse] 08 Nov 2012
Hash-DefHash-0.03 Manipulate defhash [Download] [Browse] 16 Nov 2012
HTTP-Headers-Patch-DontUseStorable-0.03 Do not use Storable [Download] [Browse] 21 Nov 2012
Text-sprintfn-0.06 Drop-in replacement for sprintf(), with named parameter support [Download] [Browse] 27 Nov 2012
Log-Any-For-DBI-0.09 Add logging to DBI method calls, etc [Download] [Browse] 28 Nov 2012
Net-HTTP-Methods-Patch-LogRequest-0.08 Log raw HTTP requests [Download] [Browse] 28 Nov 2012
Log-Any-Adapter-Core-Patch-UseDataDump-0.01 Use Data::Dump [Download] [Browse] 05 Dec 2012
Log-Any-Adapter-Core-Patch-SetDumperIndent-0.01 Set Data::Dumper indent [Download] [Browse] 05 Dec 2012
Monkey-Patch-Action-0.04 Wrap/add/replace/delete subs from other package (with restore) [Download] [Browse] 13 Dec 2012
Perinci-Sub-Property-curry-0.04 Set arguments for function [Download] [Browse] 20 Dec 2012
Perinci-Sub-FeatureUtil-0.01 Utility routines for Perinci::Sub::Feature::* modules [Download] [Browse] 20 Dec 2012
Perinci-Sub-Property-drops_privilege-0.06 Declare that function drops privilege during running [Download] [Browse] 20 Dec 2012
Perinci-Sub-Dep-pm-0.29 Depend on a Perl module [Download] [Browse] 20 Dec 2012
Tie-Handle-FileWriteRotate-0.02 Filehandle tie to write to autorotated file with File::Write::Rotate [Download] [Browse] 26 Dec 2012
Alt-Base-0.02 Base class for alternate module [Download] [Browse] 27 Dec 2012
tainting-0.01 Enable taint mode lexically [Download] [Browse] 28 Dec 2012
HTTP-Tiny-Patch-LogAny-0.01 Log HTTP::Tiny with Log::Any [Download] [Browse] 28 Dec 2012
Log-Any-For-HTTP-Tiny-0.01 Add logging to HTTP::Tiny [Download] [Browse] 28 Dec 2012
Crypt-Password-Util-0.09 Crypt password utilities [Download] [Browse] 28 Feb 2013
App-smtpstatus-0.01 List STMP statuses [Download] [Browse] 12 Mar 2013
Carp-Always-SyntaxHighlightSource-0.02 Carp::Always, but show syntax-highlighted source code context [Download] [Browse] 21 Mar 2013
Data-Schema-0.136 (DEPRECATED) Validate nested data structures with nested structure [Download] [Browse] 29 Mar 2013
LWP-UserAgent-Patch-LogRequestContent-0.01 Log HTTP request content (body) [Download] [Browse] 09 Apr 2013
LWP-UserAgent-Patch-LogResponse-0.08 Log raw HTTP responses [Download] [Browse] 09 Apr 2013
Log-Any-For-LWP-0.05 Add logging to LWP [Download] [Browse] 09 Apr 2013
Log-Any-For-STDERR-0.03 (DEPRECATED) Send output of STDERR to Log::Any [Download] [Browse] 10 Apr 2013
Number-Closest-NonOO-0.03 Find number(s) closest to a number in a list of numbers [Download] [Browse] 11 Apr 2013
SHARYANTO-0.01 SHARYANTO's temporary namespace for various libraries [Download] [Browse] 12 Apr 2013
Time-Duration-Patch-Millisecond-0.03 (DEPRECATED) Make Time::Duration support milliseconds [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2013
Time-Duration-id-0.04 Describe time duration in Indonesian [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2013
Syntax-Feature-EachOnArray-0.04 Emulate each(@array) on Perl < 5.12 [Download] [Browse] 18 Apr 2013
Pod-Weaver-Plugin-Eval-0.02 Evaluate code [Download] [Browse] 24 Apr 2013
Business-BankList-0.011 List banks/financial institutions [Download] [Browse] 24 Apr 2013
Business-ID-Mandiri-0.01 Parse/validate Mandiri account number [Download] [Browse] 24 Apr 2013
Data-Format-Pretty-0.04 Pretty-print data structure [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2013
Text-ANSITable-BorderStyle-Extra-0.02 More border styles [Download] [Browse] 30 Apr 2013
Term-ProgressBar-Color-0.00 Provide a progress meter on a standard terminal (with color) [Download] [Browse] 13 May 2013
Data-Format-Pretty-HTML-0.08 Pretty-print data structure for HTML output [Download] [Browse] 15 May 2013
Progress-Any-Output-LogAny-0.03 Output progress to Log::Any [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2013
Progress-Any-Output-0.03 Assign output to progress indicators [Download] [Browse] 18 May 2013
Unixish-1.0.4 Data transformation framework, inspired by Unix toolbox philosophy [Download] [Browse] 26 Jun 2013
Data-ModeMerge-0.30 Merge two nested data structures, with merging modes and options [Download] [Browse] 16 Jul 2013
DateTime-Format-Indonesian-0.01 Parse and format Indonesian dates [Download] [Browse] 30 Jul 2013
Business-ID-BCA-0.03 Parse/validate BCA account number [Download] [Browse] 30 Jul 2013
Data-Dump-Ala-SHARYANTO-0.02 Use Data::Dump to dump data à la Steven Haryanto [Download] [Browse] 06 Aug 2013
Web-Detect-0.04 Detect if program is running under some web environment [Download] [Browse] 14 Aug 2013
Progress-Any-Output-TermMessage-0.02 Output progress to terminal as simple message [Download] [Browse] 03 Sep 2013
Progress-Any-Output-Callback-0.02 Propagate progress update to a callback function [Download] [Browse] 03 Sep 2013
SHARYANTO-SQL-Schema-0.09 Routine and convention to create/update your application's DB schema [Download] [Browse] 06 Sep 2013
Perinci-Access-Base-0.30 Base class for all Perinci Riap clients [Download] [Browse] 07 Sep 2013
Perinci-Access-0.36 Wrapper for Perinci Riap clients [Download] [Browse] 08 Sep 2013
Acme-CPANAuthors-Indonesian-0.03 We are Indonesian CPAN authors (Kami para penulis CPAN Indonesia) [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2013
Business-ID-NIK-0.04 Validate Indonesian citizenship registration number (NIK) [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2013
Business-ID-NOPPBB-0.04 Validate Indonesian property tax object number (NOP PBB) [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2013
Business-ID-NPWP-0.04 Validate Indonesian taxpayer registration number (NPWP) [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2013
Data-Dump-OneLine-0.03 Use Data::Dump to produce dumps that fit in one line [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2013
Data-Dump-Ruby-0.02 Pretty printing of data structures as Ruby code [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2013
Lingua-ID-Number-Format-MixWithWords-0.05 Format number to a mixture of numbers and words (e.g. "12,3 juta") [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2013
Lingua-ZH-PinyinConvert-ID-0.04 Convert between various Chinese pinyin system and Indonesian transliteration [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2013
Object-BlankStr-0.05 Object which stringifies to empty string ("") [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2013
Object-NulStr-0.02 Object which stringifies to NUL character ("\0") [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2013
Object-SpaceBackStr-0.02 Object which stringifies to space+backspace (" \b") [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2013
SHARYANTO-Package-Util-0.56 Package-related utilities [Download] [Browse] 10 Sep 2013
SHARYANTO-Color-Util-0.56 Color-related utilities [Download] [Browse] 10 Sep 2013
Lingua-EN-Number-Format-MixWithWords-0.07 Format number to a mixture of numbers and words (e.g. 12.3 million) [Download] [Browse] 10 Sep 2013
Perinci-Access-Simple-Client-0.16 Riap::Simple client [Download] [Browse] 10 Sep 2013
App-ListPrereqs-0.02 List prerequisites of a Perl module [Download] [Browse] 12 Sep 2013
Array-Iterator-0.11 A simple class for iterating over Perl arrays [Download] [Browse] 18 Sep 2013
version-Restrict-0.01 Control permitted versions that can be use'd [Download] [Browse] 21 Sep 2013
Pod-Weaver-Section-Homepage-DefaultCPAN-0.02 Add a HOMEPAGE section (homepage defaults to MetaCPAN release page) [Download] [Browse] 23 Oct 2013
App-osnames-0.03 List possible $^O ($OSNAME) values [Download] [Browse] 25 Oct 2013
JSON-Decode-Regexp-0.03 JSON parser as a single Perl Regex [Download] [Browse] 26 Oct 2013
Media-Info-Mplayer-0.03 Return information on media file/URL using mplayer [Download] [Browse] 31 Oct 2013
App-ParseCPANChanges-0.03 Parse CPAN Changes file [Download] [Browse] 31 Oct 2013
LWP-UserAgent-Patch-Retry-0.02 Add retries [Download] [Browse] 02 Nov 2013
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Author-SHARYANTO-MetaResources-0.01 Set meta resources for SHARYANTO dists [Download] [Browse] 05 Nov 2013
Pod-Weaver-Section-Source-DefaultGitHub-0.04 Add a SOURCE section (repository defaults to GitHub) [Download] [Browse] 05 Nov 2013
Path-Naive-0.02 Yet another abstract, Unix-like path manipulation routines [Download] [Browse] 05 Nov 2013
Data-Dump-PHP-0.10 Pretty printing of data structures as PHP code [Download] [Browse] 08 Nov 2013
Log-Dispatch-FileWriteRotate-0.02 Log to files that archive/rotate themselves, w/ File::Write::Rotate [Download] [Browse] 11 Nov 2013
Borang-0.01 Yet another form handling module [Download] [Browse] 12 Nov 2013
Carp-Always-Dump-0.06 Like Carp::Always, but dumps the content of function arguments [Download] [Browse] 12 Nov 2013
Pod-Weaver-Section-Bugs-DefaultRT-0.03 Add a BUGS section to refer to bugtracker (or RT as default) [Download] [Browse] 12 Nov 2013
Perinci-0.31 Collection of Perl modules for Rinci and Riap [Download] [Browse] 12 Nov 2013
Perinci-Sub-ConvertArgs-Argv-0.03 Convert hash arguments to command-line options (and arguments) [Download] [Browse] 12 Nov 2013
RSS-From-Twitter-0.03 Convert Twitter page to RSS [Download] [Browse] 12 Nov 2013
SHARYANTO-Data-Util-0.57 Data utilities [Download] [Browse] 12 Nov 2013
Log-Any-For-Class-0.23 Add logging to class [Download] [Browse] 20 Nov 2013
Data-Format-Pretty-PHPSerialization-0.03 Pretty-print data structure as PHP serialization format [Download] [Browse] 22 Nov 2013
Sah-0.9.30 Schema for data structures (specification) [Download] [Browse] 25 Nov 2013
Log-Any-Adapter-Core-Patch-UseDataDumperPerltidy-0.03 Use Data::Dumper::Perltidy [Download] [Browse] 25 Nov 2013
Business-ID-SIM-0.04 Validate Indonesian driving license number (nomor SIM) [Download] [Browse] 04 Dec 2013
Locale-TextDomain-UTF8-0.01 Shortcut to use Locale::TextDomain and decoding to UTF8 [Download] [Browse] 13 Dec 2013
Test-Rinci-0.07 Test Rinci metadata [Download] [Browse] 20 Dec 2013
App-ExecIf-0.01 Execute command on some condition [Download] [Browse] 29 Dec 2013
Perinci-Object-0.13 Object-oriented interface for Rinci metadata [Download] [Browse] 02 Jan 2014
Parse-Netstat-0.06 Parse the output of "netstat" command [Download] [Browse] 06 Feb 2014
Text-ANSI-Util-0.15 Routines for text containing ANSI escape codes [Download] [Browse] 11 Feb 2014
App-jpath-0.03 Command-line tool for JSON::Path [Download] [Browse] 14 Feb 2014
Data-Format-Pretty-Perl-0.05 Pretty-print data structure as Perl code [Download] [Browse] 14 Feb 2014
Data-Format-Pretty-JSON-0.10 Pretty-print data structure as JSON [Download] [Browse] 14 Feb 2014
Data-Format-Pretty-YAML-0.07 Pretty-print data structure as YAML [Download] [Browse] 14 Feb 2014
Text-WideChar-Util-0.13 Routines for text containing wide characters [Download] [Browse] 17 Feb 2014
Parse-PhoneNumber-ID-0.10 Parse Indonesian phone numbers [Download] [Browse] 21 Feb 2014
File-Slurp-Shortcuts-0.05 Several shortcut functions for File::Slurp [Download] [Browse] 26 Feb 2014
Log-Any-Adapter-ScreenColoredLevel-0.05 Send logs to screen with colorized messages according to level [Download] [Browse] 28 Feb 2014
Perinci-Sub-Property-dies_on_error-0.05 Die on non-success result [Download] [Browse] 06 Mar 2014
Perinci-Sub-Wrapper-Patch-HandlePHPArray-0.02 Convert {} to [] or vice versa to match functions' expectations [Download] [Browse] 07 Mar 2014
Perinci-Exporter-0.04 Metadata-aware Exporter [Download] [Browse] 07 Mar 2014
App-LintPrereqs-0.14 Check extraneous/missing prerequisites in dist.ini [Download] [Browse] 12 Mar 2014
App-OrgUtils-0.21 Some utilities for Org documents [Download] [Browse] 12 Mar 2014
Perinci-Sub-Property-exit_on_error-0.01 Die on non-success result [Download] [Browse] 12 Mar 2014
Perinci-Sub-Property-memoize-0.01 Memoize function [Download] [Browse] 13 Mar 2014
Perinci-Sub-Property-retry-0.08 Specify automatic retry [Download] [Browse] 13 Mar 2014
Process-Govern-0.12 Run child process and govern its various aspects [Download] [Browse] 14 Mar 2014
Media-Info-0.05 Return information on media (music, video, etc) file/URL [Download] [Browse] 15 Mar 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Rinci-Wrap-0.05 Insert wrapper-generated code [Download] [Browse] 15 Mar 2014
Log-Any-Adapter-Callback-0.09 Send Log::Any logs to a subroutine [Download] [Browse] 15 Mar 2014
LWP-Protocol-http-SocketUnixAlt-0.0204 Speak HTTP through Unix sockets [Download] [Browse] 21 Mar 2014
Perinci-Sub-Property-timeout-0.06 Specify function execution time limit [Download] [Browse] 28 Mar 2014
Perinci-Sub-Property-result_postfilter-0.08 (DEPRECATED) Postfilter function result [Download] [Browse] 28 Mar 2014
Data-Dump-Partial-0.05 Dump data structure compactly and potentially partially [Download] [Browse] 28 Mar 2014
Data-Format-Pretty-Console-0.33 Pretty-print data structure for console output [Download] [Browse] 28 Mar 2014
version-Store-0.01 Get your module's minimum/required version from your users [Download] [Browse] 01 Apr 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-SHARYANTO-OurPkgVersion-0.02 no line insertion and does Package version with our [Download] [Browse] 01 Apr 2014
Perinci-Import-0.02 Import functions from another module [Download] [Browse] 01 Apr 2014
SHARYANTO-Proc-Daemon-Prefork-0.69 Create preforking, autoreloading daemon [Download] [Browse] 04 Apr 2014
SHARYANTO-Module-Util-0.04 Module-related utilities [Download] [Browse] 05 Apr 2014
Color-ANSI-Util-0.12 Routines for dealing with ANSI colors [Download] [Browse] 08 Apr 2014
App-pretty-0.02 Format data structure prettily [Download] [Browse] 08 Apr 2014
Text-ANSITable-ColorTheme-Extra-0.13 More color themes [Download] [Browse] 09 Apr 2014
App-relpath-0.02 Return the relative pathname [Download] [Browse] 09 Apr 2014
Function-Fallback-CoreOrPP-0.05 Functions that use non-core XS module but provide pure-Perl/core fallback [Download] [Browse] 09 Apr 2014
Data-Clean-JSON-0.16 Clean data so it is safe to output to JSON [Download] [Browse] 09 Apr 2014
lib-none-0.02 Empty @INC [Download] [Browse] 12 Apr 2014
SHARYANTO-Proc-Util-0.61 OS-process-related routines [Download] [Browse] 14 Apr 2014
Data-Sah-MoreUtils-0.01 More utility functions related to Data::Sah [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2014
Perinci-Tx-Util-0.38 Helper when writing transactional functions [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-OurDate-0.01 no line insertion and does Package release date with our [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2014
Dist-Zilla-PluginBundle-Author-SHARYANTO-0.25 Dist::Zilla like SHARYANTO when you build your dists [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2014
Version-Util-0.71 Version-number utilities [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2014
Proc-ChildError-0.01 Explain process child error [Download] [Browse] 16 Apr 2014
Perinci-Result-Util-0.01 Utilities related to enveloped result [Download] [Browse] 17 Apr 2014
App-chart-0.02 Create chart for your data structure [Download] [Browse] 17 Apr 2014
App-PrettyRes-0.01 Format enveloped result prettily [Download] [Browse] 21 Apr 2014
SHARYANTO-Roles-0.72 SHARYANTO's temporary namespace for various roles [Download] [Browse] 23 Apr 2014
SHARYANTO-Misc-0.01 SHARYANTO's temporary, random collection of modules [Download] [Browse] 23 Apr 2014
Data-Unixish-ANSI-0.05 dux functions related to text containing ANSI codes [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2014
App-rmhere-0.03 Delete files in current directory [Download] [Browse] 25 Apr 2014
Sah-Schema-Int-0.01 Sah schemas for various integers [Download] [Browse] 26 Apr 2014
DefHash-1.0.5 Define things according to a specification, using hashes [Download] [Browse] 27 Apr 2014
Perinci-Sub-DepUtil-0.02 Utility routines for Perinci::Sub::Dep::* modules [Download] [Browse] 27 Apr 2014
Pod-Weaver-PluginBundle-Author-SHARYANTO-0.14 SHARYANTO's default Pod::Weaver config [Download] [Browse] 28 Apr 2014
Perinci-Sub-Convert-default_lang-0.01 Convert default_lang property value in Rinci function metadata [Download] [Browse] 30 Apr 2014
Perinci-Sub-Convert-v-0.01 Convert v1.0 Rinci function metadata to v1.1 [Download] [Browse] 30 Apr 2014
Perinci-Sub-PropertyUtil-0.06 Utility routines for Perinci::Sub::Property::* modules [Download] [Browse] 30 Apr 2014
Pod-Weaver-Plugin-Perinci-0.15 Insert POD from Rinci metadata [Download] [Browse] 30 Apr 2014
Perinci-Access-Simple-Server-0.16 Riap::Simple server implementations [Download] [Browse] 30 Apr 2014
Perinci-Sub-Wrapper-0.61 A multi-purpose subroutine wrapping framework [Download] [Browse] 01 May 2014
Perinci-To-Doc-0.51 Convert Rinci metadata to documentation [Download] [Browse] 01 May 2014
Language-Expr-0.23 Simple minilanguage for use in expression [Download] [Browse] 01 May 2014
Progress-Any-0.14 Record progress to any output [Download] [Browse] 01 May 2014
Perinci-Tx-Manager-0.49 A Rinci transaction manager [Download] [Browse] 01 May 2014
App-dux-1.45 Run Data::Unixish function on the command-line [Download] [Browse] 02 May 2014
Perinci-To-HTML-0.02 Generate HTML documentation from Rinci package metadata [Download] [Browse] 02 May 2014
Setup-File-0.19 Setup file (existence, mode, permission, content) [Download] [Browse] 02 May 2014
SHARYANTO-Number-Util-0.59 Number utilities [Download] [Browse] 05 May 2014
Locale-Tie-0.01 Get/set locale via (localizeable) variables [Download] [Browse] 13 May 2014
Bench-0.10 Benchmark running times of Perl code [Download] [Browse] 14 May 2014
File-umask-0.01 Get/set umask via (localizeable) variable [Download] [Browse] 14 May 2014
App-perlmv-0.46 Rename files using Perl code [Download] [Browse] 15 May 2014
App-nauniq-0.06 Non-adjacent uniq [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2014
App-UniqFiles-0.06 Report or omit duplicate file contents [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2014
App-setop-0.04 Set operations (union, intersection, difference) on lines of files [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2014
Builtin-Logged-0.08 Alias for Log::Any::For::Builtins [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2014
CPANLists-Server-0.02 Application that runs on [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2014
Dist-Create-TaskBeLikeFavorited-0.04 Create your own Task-BeLike-$AUTHOR-Favorited distribution [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ConvertYAMLChanges-0.02 Convert Changes from YAML to CPAN::Changes format [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2014
File-Append-Undoable-0.02 Append string to a file, with undo support [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2014
File-Copy-Undoable-0.05 Copy file/directory using rsync, with undo support [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2014
File-Move-Undoable-0.03 Move file/directory using rename/rsync, with undo support [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2014
File-Prepend-Undoable-0.02 Prepend string to a file, with undo support [Download] [Browse] 16 May 2014
File-RsyBak-0.20 Backup files/directories with histories, using rsync [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
File-Trash-FreeDesktop-0.14 Trash files [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
File-Trash-Undoable-0.11 Trash files (with undo support) [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
File-Truncate-Undoable-0.02 Truncate a file, with undo support [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Finance-Bank-ID-BCA-0.29 Check your BCA accounts from Perl [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Finance-Bank-ID-BPRKS-0.02 Check your BPR KS accounts from Perl [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Finance-Bank-ID-Mandiri-0.28 Check your Bank Mandiri accounts from Perl [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Finance-Currency-Convert-KlikBCA-0.05 Convert currencies using data from KlikBCA/BCA [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Gen-Test-Rinci-FuncResult-0.04 Generate function to test a function [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Log-Dispatch-Dir-0.12 Log messages to separate files in a directory, with rotate options [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Org-Parser-0.38 Parse Org documents [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Org-To-HTML-0.12 Export Org document to HTML [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Org-To-VCF-0.03 Export contacts in Org document to VCF (vCard addressbook) [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Perl-Stripper-0.07 Yet another PPI-based Perl source code stripper [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
SHARYANTO-File-Util-0.57 File-related utilities [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Setup-File-Symlink-0.26 Setup symlink (existence, target) [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Setup-File-TextFragment-0.03 Insert/delete text fragment in a file, with undo support [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Tie-Diamond-0.06 Iterate the diamond operator via a Perl array [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
SyntaxHighlight-Any-0.04 Common interface for syntax highlighting and detecting language in code [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Unix-Passwd-File-0.12 Manipulate /etc/{passwd,shadow,group,gshadow} entries [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Setup-Unix-User-0.11 Setup Unix user (existence, home dir, group memberships) [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
Devel-EndStats-0.14 Display run time and dependencies after running code [Download] [Browse] 17 May 2014
SHARYANTO-String-Util-0.27 String utilities [Download] [Browse] 21 May 2014
App-SerializeUtils-0.07 Utilities for serialization tasks [Download] [Browse] 22 May 2014
MarpaX-Simple-0.03 Generate Marpa-based parser [Download] [Browse] 24 May 2014
Software-Release-Watch-0.02 Watch latest software releases [Download] [Browse] 26 May 2014
Locale-ID-GuessGender-FromFirstName-0.05 Guess gender of an Indonesian first name [Download] [Browse] 26 May 2014
Module-Patch-0.19 Patch package with a set of patches [Download] [Browse] 26 May 2014
Perinci-Use-0.04 Use a Riap package like a local Perl module [Download] [Browse] 26 May 2014
App-ListRevDeps-0.08 List reverse dependencies of a Perl module [Download] [Browse] 26 May 2014
Perinci-Sub-Gen-AccessTable-DBI-0.11 Generate function (and its Rinci metadata) to access DBI table data [Download] [Browse] 27 May 2014
Perinci-Sub-DepChecker-0.10 Check dependencies from 'deps' property [Download] [Browse] 27 May 2014
Ubuntu-Releases-0.01 List Ubuntu releases [Download] [Browse] 27 May 2014
File-Patch-Undoable-0.04 Patch a file, with undo support [Download] [Browse] 27 May 2014
Gepok-0.27 PSGI server with built-in HTTPS support, Unix sockets, preforking [Download] [Browse] 02 Jun 2014
Perinci-Sub-Property-result-table-0.03 Specify table data in result [Download] [Browse] 03 Jun 2014
Perinci-Sub-Property-result-object-0.02 Specify object data in result [Download] [Browse] 03 Jun 2014
Date-Extract-0.05 extract probable dates from strings [Download] [Browse] 04 Jun 2014
XPAN-Query-0.04 Query a {CPAN,MiniCPAN,DarkPAN} mirror [Download] [Browse] 05 Jun 2014
Log-Any-Adapter-Core-Patch-UseDataDumperFunc-0.01 Use Data::Dumper function to dump data structures [Download] [Browse] 06 Jun 2014
App-norepeat-0.03 Run commands, but not repeatedly [Download] [Browse] 07 Jun 2014
SHARYANTO-Term-Util-0.02 Terminal utilities [Download] [Browse] 07 Jun 2014
Alt-Date-Extract-SHARYANTO-0.05.01 SHARYANTO's alternate implementation of Date::Extract [Download] [Browse] 08 Jun 2014
Perinci-Access-HTTP-Client-0.17 Riap::HTTP client [Download] [Browse] 10 Jun 2014
Data-Unixish-1.47 Implementation for Unixish, a data transformation framework [Download] [Browse] 12 Jun 2014
Perinci-Sub-Property-hide_args-0.01 Hide arguments [Download] [Browse] 15 Jun 2014
Perinci-Result-Format-0.38 Format envelope result [Download] [Browse] 18 Jun 2014
Plack-App-dbi2http-0.05 Export DBI database as HTTP API (Riap::HTTP) [Download] [Browse] 18 Jun 2014
Riap-1.1.23 Rinci access protocol [Download] [Browse] 18 Jun 2014
App-CalId-0.07 Display Indonesian calendar on the command-line [Download] [Browse] 19 Jun 2014
Alt-Module-Path-SHARYANTO-0.13.2 SHARYANTO's alternate implementation of Module::Path [Download] [Browse] 21 Jun 2014
App-plstrace-0.05 Trace Perl function calls [Download] [Browse] 24 Jun 2014
Git-Bunch-0.37 Manage gitbunch directory (directory which contain git repos) [Download] [Browse] 24 Jun 2014
Perinci-Access-Perl-0.69 Access Perl module, functions, variables through Riap [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2014
Complete-Module-0.03 Complete Perl module names [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2014
SHARYANTO-Module-Path-0.19 Get path to locally installed Perl module [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2014
SHARYANTO-Utils-0.75 SHARYANTO's temporary namespace for various routines [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2014
App-datecalc-0.04 Date calculator [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2014
Filesys-Cap-0.01 Test filesystem capabilities/characteristics [Download] [Browse] 25 Jun 2014
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Rinci-Validate-0.14 Insert argument validator code in output code [Download] [Browse] 27 Jun 2014
Perinci-Sub-Util-0.38 Helper when writing functions [Download] [Browse] 27 Jun 2014
TableDef-1.0.4 Table data definition [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2014
App-ListSoftwareLicenses-0.02 List all Software::License's [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2014
Perinci-Sub-Gen-AccessTable-0.39 Generate function (and its Rinci metadata) to access table data [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2014
Rinci-1.1.52 Language-neutral metadata for your code [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2014
CHI-Serializer-Sereal-0.01 Sereal serializer for CHI [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2014
Complete-Unix-0.01 Unix-related completion routines [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2014
Scalar-Util-LooksLikeNumber-1.39.1 Access to looks_like_number() perl API function [Download] [Browse] 30 Jun 2014
Data-Clean-ToStringyNumber-0.03 Convert non-stringy numbers in data to stringy numbers [Download] [Browse] 30 Jun 2014
Data-Dump-Color-0.21 Like Data::Dump, but with color [Download] [Browse] 30 Jun 2014
YAML-Tiny-Color-0.04 Dump YAML with color [Download] [Browse] 30 Jun 2014
JSON-Color-0.06 Encode to colored JSON [Download] [Browse] 30 Jun 2014
Data-Sah-0.29 Fast and featureful data structure validation [Download] [Browse] 30 Jun 2014
Term-Detect-Software-0.17 Detect terminal (emulator) software and its capabilities [Download] [Browse] 30 Jun 2014
Complete-Perl-0.00 Complete various Perl entities [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Complete-Fish-0.00 Completion module for Fish shell [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Complete-Zsh-0.00 Completion module for the Z shell [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Complete-Bash-0.01 Completion module for bash shell [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Complete-Util-0.12 General completion routines [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Complete-BashGen-0.00 Generate bash completion scripts [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
DBIx-FunctionalAPI-0.05 Some functions to expose your database as an API [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
LWP-UserAgent-Patch-FilterMirror-0.03 Add filtering for mirror() [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
App-CreateSelfSignedSSLCert-0.06 Create self-signed SSL certificate [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
App-fatten-0.07 Pack your dependencies onto your script file [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
App-tracepm-0.05 Trace dependencies of your Perl script [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
App-fsql-0.11 Perform SQL queries against files in CSV/TSV/LTSV/JSON/YAML formats [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
App-lzf-0.02 Compress/decompress using the LZF algorithm [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
App-XPANQueryUtils-0.02 XPAN::Query command-line utilities [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Calendar-Indonesia-Holiday-0.21 List Indonesian public holidays [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
SHARYANTO-Dist-Util-0.03 Dist-related utilities [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Complete-0.03 Completion modules family [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Perinci-Sub-Complete-0.53 Shell completion routines using Rinci metadata [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
App-riap-0.13 Riap command-line client shell [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Perinci-Examples-0.24 Example modules containing metadata and various example functions [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Perinci-Examples-Bin-0.03 Perinci example scripts [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Perinci-CmdLine-Easy-1.16 A simple interface to run a subroutine as command-line app [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2014
Perinci-CmdLine-1.16 Rinci/Riap-based command-line application framework [Download] [Browse] 03 Jul 2014
Perinci-Access-HTTP-Server-0.49 PSGI application to implement Riap::HTTP [Download] [Browse] 03 Jul 2014
Progress-Any-Output-TermProgressBarColor-0.10 Output progress to terminal as color bar [Download] [Browse] 03 Jul 2014
Perinci-Access-Schemeless-DBI-0.05 Subclass of Perinci::Access::Schemeless which gets lists of entities (and metadata) from DBI database [Download] [Browse] 04 Jul 2014
Perinci-CmdLine-Server-0.03 Create CLI application instance and functions to access it [Download] [Browse] 04 Jul 2014
App-UpdateRinciMetadataDb-0.05 Create/update Rinci metadata database [Download] [Browse] 04 Jul 2014
HTTP-Tiny-UNIX-0.04 A subclass of HTTP::Tiny to connect to HTTP server over Unix socket [Download] [Browse] 04 Jul 2014
Perinci-Declare-0.00 Some easy shortcuts for Perinci [Download] [Browse] 05 Jul 2014
App-PMUtils-0.16 Command line to manipulate Perl module files [Download] [Browse] 05 Jul 2014
HTTP-Daemon-UNIX-0.05 HTTP::Daemon over Unix sockets [Download] [Browse] 05 Jul 2014
SHARYANTO-IO-Socket-Utils-0.03 Socket utilities [Download] [Browse] 06 Jul 2014
Log-Dispatch-ArrayWithLimits-0.03 Log to array, with some limits applied [Download] [Browse] 06 Jul 2014
Log-Any-App-0.46 An easy way to use Log::Any in applications [Download] [Browse] 06 Jul 2014
Data-Sah-Normalize-0.01 Normalize Sah schema [Download] [Browse] 08 Jul 2014
Perinci-Sub-GetArgs-Array-0.14 Get subroutine arguments from array [Download] [Browse] 08 Jul 2014
Perinci-Sub-Normalize-0.06 Normalize Rinci function metadata [Download] [Browse] 08 Jul 2014
Getopt-Long-Util-0.74 Utilities for Getopt::Long [Download] [Browse] 09 Jul 2014
Perinci-Sub-GetArgs-Argv-0.37 Get subroutine arguments from command line arguments (@ARGV) [Download] [Browse] 09 Jul 2014
Text-ANSITable-0.34 Create nice formatted tables using extended ASCII and ANSI colors [Download] [Browse] 09 Jul 2014
File-Write-Rotate-0.17 Write to files that archive/rotate themselves [Download] [Browse] 10 Jul 2014
Data-Check-Structure-0.02 Check structure of data [Download] [Browse] 10 Jul 2014
App-ProgUtils-0.07 Command line to manipulate programs in PATH [Download] [Browse] 11 Jul 2014