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Artistic The "Artistic License"
Changes Differences from previous version
Configure Configuration script
Copying The GNU General Public License
demos/ftp Demo script for Net::FTP
demos/nntp Demo script for Net::NNTP
demos/nntp.mirror Demo script for Net::NNTP
demos/pop3 Demo script for Net::POP3
demos/smtp.self Demo script for Net::SMTP
demos/time Demo script for Net::Time
INSTALL Detailed installation instructions
lib/Net/  [pod] Net::Cmd Perl module
lib/Net/  [pod] Net::Config Perl module
lib/Net/  [pod] Net::Domain Perl module
lib/Net/  [pod] Net::FTP Perl module
lib/Net/FTP/ Net::FTP::A Perl module
lib/Net/FTP/  [pod] Net::FTP::dataconn Perl module
lib/Net/FTP/ Net::FTP::E Perl module
lib/Net/FTP/ Net::FTP::I Perl module
lib/Net/FTP/ Net::FTP::L Perl module
lib/Net/libnetFAQ.pod  [pod] Frequently Asked Questions
lib/Net/  [pod] Net::Netrc Perl module
lib/Net/  [pod] Net::NNTP Perl module
lib/Net/  [pod] Net::POP3 Perl module
lib/Net/  [pod] Net::SMTP Perl module
lib/Net/  [pod] Net::Time Perl module
LICENCE The Licence
Makefile.PL Makefile writer
MANIFEST This list of files
MANIFEST.SKIP Manifest skip specs
README The Instructions
t/changes.t See if Changes file format is OK
t/config.t Test script
t/critic.t See if coding style is OK
t/datasend.t Test script
t/external/ftp-ssl.t Test script
t/external/pop3-ssl.t Test script
t/external/smtp-ssl.t Test script
t/ftp.t Test script
t/hostname.t Test script
t/ Test script
t/netrc.t Test script
t/nntp.t Test script
t/nntp_ipv6.t Test script
t/nntp_ssl.t Test script
t/pod.t See if POD is OK
t/pod_coverage.t See if POD coverage is OK
t/pop3_ipv6.t Test script
t/pop3_ssl.t Test script
t/require.t Test script
t/smtp.t Test script
t/smtp_ipv6.t Test script
t/smtp_ssl.t Test script
t/time.t Test script
META.yml Module YAML meta-data (added by MakeMaker)
META.json Module JSON meta-data (added by MakeMaker)