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This Release Class-PObject-2.17  [Download] [Browse 20 Feb 2005
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Special Files


Class::PObject Simple framework for programming persistent objects    2.17
Class::PObject::Driver Pobject driver specifications    2.00
Class::PObject::Driver::DBI Base class for all DBI-related drivers    2.02
Class::PObject::Driver::DBM Base class for DBM-related pobject drivers    2.00
Class::PObject::Driver::csv CSV Pobject Driver    2.01
Class::PObject::Driver::db_file DB_File PObject driver    2.01
Class::PObject::Driver::file Default PObject driver    2.00
Class::PObject::Driver::mysql MySQL Pobject Driver    2.01
Class::PObject::Driver::sqlite SQLite Pobject Driver    2.01
Class::PObject::Iterator Incremental object loader for Class::PObject    1.01
Class::PObject::Template Class template for all the pobjects    1.93
Class::PObject::Test Base test framework for Class::PObject drivers    1.02
Class::PObject::Test::Basic Class::PObject's basic test suit    1.03
Class::PObject::Test::HAS_A Class::PObject't has-a relationship test suit    1.00
Class::PObject::Test::Types Class::PObject't types test suits    1.03
Class::PObject::Type Column type specification    1.03
Class::PObject::Type::CHAR Defines CHAR column type    1.00
Class::PObject::Type::ENCRYPT Defines ENCRYPT column type    1.00
Class::PObject::Type::INTEGER Defines INTEGER column type    1.00
Class::PObject::Type::MD5 Defines MD5 column type    1.00
Class::PObject::Type::TEXT Defines TEXT column type    1.01
Class::PObject::Type::VARCHAR Defines VARCHAR column type    1.02


Class::PObject::Philosophy Philosophy behind object persistence