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This Release Graph-Easy-0.72  [Download] [Browse 20 Oct 2012
Latest Release Graph-Easy-0.75  [Download] [Browse 12 Apr 2014
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License The GNU General Public License, Version not specified
Special Files


Graph::Easy Convert or render graphs (as ASCII, HTML, SVG or via Graphviz)     0.72
Graph::Easy::As_ascii Generate ASCII art     0.22
Graph::Easy::As_graphml Generate a GraphML text from a Graph::Easy object     0.03
Graph::Easy::As_graphviz Generate graphviz description from graph object     0.31
Graph::Easy::As_txt Generate textual description from graph object     0.15
Graph::Easy::As_vcg Generate VCG/GDL text from Graph::Easy object     0.05
Graph::Easy::Attributes Define and check attributes for Graph::Easy     0.32
Graph::Easy::Base base class for Graph::Easy objects like nodes, edges etc     0.12
Graph::Easy::Edge An edge (a path connecting one ore more nodes)     0.31
Graph::Easy::Edge::Cell A cell in an edge in Graph::Easy     0.29
Graph::Easy::Group A group of nodes (aka subgraph) in Graph::Easy     0.22
Graph::Easy::Group::Anon An anonymous group of nodes in Graph::Easy     0.02
Graph::Easy::Group::Cell A cell in a group     0.14
Graph::Easy::Layout Layout the graph from Graph::Easy     0.29
Graph::Easy::Layout::Chain Chain of nodes for layouter     0.09
Graph::Easy::Layout::Force Force-based layouter for Graph::Easy     0.01
Graph::Easy::Layout::Grid Grid management and size calculation     0.07
Graph::Easy::Layout::Path Path management for Manhattan-style grids     0.16
Graph::Easy::Layout::Repair Repair spliced layout with group cells     0.08
Graph::Easy::Layout::Scout Find paths in a Manhattan-style grid     0.25
Graph::Easy::Node Represents a node in a Graph::Easy graph     0.38
Graph::Easy::Node::Anon An anonymous, invisible node in Graph::Easy     0.11
Graph::Easy::Node::Cell An empty filler cell     0.10
Graph::Easy::Node::Empty An empty, borderless cell in a node cluster     0.06
Graph::Easy::Parser Parse Graph::Easy from textual description     0.35
Graph::Easy::Parser::Graphviz Parse Graphviz text into Graph::Easy     0.17
Graph::Easy::Parser::VCG Parse VCG or GDL text into Graph::Easy     0.06


graph-easy render/convert graphs in/from various formats