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Source   Latest Release: WordNet-Similarity-2.07


SYNOPSIS ^ --compfile FILE --outfile FILE [--stopfile FILE] [--resnik] [--wnpath PATH] [--smooth SCHEME] {--stdin | --infile FILE [--infile FILE ...]} | --help | --version



    Specify a file containing the list of compound words occurring 
    in WordNet


    The name of a file to which output should be written


    A file containing a list of "stop" words that will not be
    considered during the frequency computation


    Use Resnik (1995) frequency counting


    Location of the WordNet data files (e.g.,


    Smoothing should used on the probabilities computed. SCHEME can
    only be ADD1 at this time


    Use this flag to provide input via the standard input


    Get the input from the specified file.


    Show a help message


    Display version information
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