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Source   Latest Release: WordNet-Similarity-2.07

NAME ^ - Perl program for finding the frequencies of words in the Treebank corpus

SYNOPSIS ^ [--compfile=COMPFILE --outfile=OUTFILE [--stopfile=STOPFILE] [--wnpath=WNPATH] [--resnik] [--smooth=SCHEME] PATH | --help -- version]



    The name of a file containing the compound words (collocations) in


    The name of a file to which output should be written


    A file containing a list of stop listed words that will not be
    considered in the frequency counts.  A sample file can be down-
    loaded from


    Location of the WordNet data files (e.g.,


    Use Resnik (1995) frequency counting


    Smoothing should used on the probabilities computed.  SCHEME can
    only be ADD1 at this time


    Show a help message


    Display version information


    Path to the raw Wall Stree Journal portion of the Treebank corpus.
    This is usually in the /raw/wsj subdirectory of the Treebank
    installation.  Thus, you might run this program as [OPTIONS] /home/sid/treebank/raw/wsj
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