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Source   Latest Release: Maypole-2.10

edit ^

This is the edit page. It edits the passed-in object, by displaying a form similar to add_new but with the current values filled in.


[% PROCESS macros %] [% INCLUDE header %]

[% FOR item = objects; %] <h2> Edit [% %]</h2>

<FORM ACTION="[% base %]/[% item.table %]/do_edit/[% %]" METHOD="post"> [% FOR col = classmetadata.columns; NEXT IF col == "id"; "<P>"; "<B>"; classmetadata.colnames.$col; "</B>"; ": "; item.to_field(col).as_HTML; "</P>"; IF errors.$col; "<FONT COLOR=\"#ff0000\">"; errors.$col; "</FONT>"; END; END; '<INPUT TYPE="submit" NAME="edit" VALUE="edit">'; END %] [% INCLUDE footer %]

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