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flickrfs - simple program to store and retrieve programs on Flickr


    flickrfs <api key> <secret> [auth token]  [ <store|delete|retrieve|remove> <filename> [as] ]
api key and secret are your api key from Flickr and the corresponding secret. Get them here
auth token is the auth token for this application. If you run this app with just your key and secret then follow the instructions to get your token. Then include it in all subsequent attempts.
pass a command - either store, delete, retrieve or remove. If you just pass a username and password then a list of all files will be printed.
filename is the path to store or retrieve on Flickr
the optional 'as' indicates what to store the file as on Flickr or save it as locally. If passed to delete or remove then it indicates a version of a file to retrieve.


Simon Wistow <>


Copyright 2006, Simon Wistow

Released under the same terms as Perl itself

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