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This Release BuzzSaw-0.12.0  [Download] [Browse 05 Apr 2013
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License The GNU General Public License, Version not specified
Special Files


App::BuzzSaw The BuzzSaw command-line application.     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Cmd Super-class for BuzzSaw command line applications     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Cmd::AnonymiseData BuzzSaw data anonymiser     0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Cmd::Import BuzzSaw log entry importer application     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Cmd::Report BuzzSaw report generator     0.12.0
BuzzSaw::DB The BuzzSaw database interface     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::DB::Schema The BuzzSaw database schema class     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::DB::Schema::Result::CurrentProcessing BuzzSaw DBIx::Class resultset     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::DB::Schema::Result::Event BuzzSaw DBIx::Class resultset     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::DB::Schema::Result::ExtraInfo BuzzSaw DBIx::Class resultset      
BuzzSaw::DB::Schema::Result::Log BuzzSaw DBIx::Class resultset     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::DB::Schema::Result::Tag BuzzSaw DBIx::Class resultset      
BuzzSaw::DataSource A Moose role which defines the BuzzSaw data source interface     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::DataSource::Files A BuzzSaw data source for a set of files.     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::DateTime A class which provides additional functionality to DateTime     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Filter A Moose role which defines the BuzzSaw filter interface     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Filter::Cosign A BuzzSaw event filter for Cosign log entries     0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Filter::Kernel A BuzzSaw event filter for kernel log entries     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Filter::SSH A BuzzSaw event filter for SSH log entries     0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Filter::Sleep A BuzzSaw event filter for sleep log entries     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Filter::UserClassifier A BuzzSaw event filter for classifying users     0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Importer Imports log entries of interest from data sources     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Parser A Moose role which defines the BuzzSaw parser interface     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Parser::RFC3339 BuzzSaw parser for log entries with the RFC3339 dates     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Report A Moose class which is used for generating BuzzSaw reports     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Report::AuthFailure     0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Report::Kernel Generate BuzzSaw reports about kernel events     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Report::Sleep Generate BuzzSaw reports about ACPI sleep events     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::ReportLog Tracks when BuzzSaw reports were last run.     0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Reporter     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::Types     v0.12.0
BuzzSaw::UserClassifier Classifies the type of a username     0.12.0


buzzsaw The BuzzSaw log file processing suite.  

Other Files