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Steve Kemp > App-Chronicle-5.1.7


This Release App-Chronicle-5.1.7  [Download] [Browse 20 Feb 2017
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


App::Chronicle Holder for our version number     5.1.7
Chronicle::Config::Reader Simple configuration file reader.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Archived Generate dated-posts.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::DBTweak Speedup the import process     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Filter Filter individual blog entries.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Generate::Archive Generate archive pages.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Generate::Index Generate the blog-index.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Generate::LowerCase Generate redirection pages     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Generate::Pages Generate each blog page.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Generate::RSS Generate a RSS feed for the blog.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Generate::Sitemap Generate a sitemap automatically     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Generate::Tags Generate tags pages.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::InPlacePosts maintains the input directory structure.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Markdown Support markdown-formatted input.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::MultiMarkdown Support Multimarkdown-formatted input.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::PostBuild Execute commands after building the blog     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::PostSpooler Autopost entries in the future.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::PreBuild Execute commands before building the blog     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::SkipDrafts Ignore draft posts.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Snippets::AllTags Generate a list of tags.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Snippets::Archives Generate archives.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Snippets::Meta Make meta information available to templates     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Snippets::RecentPosts Generate recent posts.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Snippets::RecentTags Generate a list of recent tags.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::StaticPages Generate non-blog pages.      
Chronicle::Plugin::Textile Support textile-formatted input.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::Tidy Attempt to fix malformed HTML.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::TruncatedBody Support for Truncating longer blog posts.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Plugin::YouTube Allow Youtube videos to be embedded.     5.1.7
Chronicle::Template Base class for Chronicle's template abstractions      
Chronicle::Template::GenericXslate Base class for Xslate based templates      
Chronicle::Template::HTMLTemplate HTML::Template based templates      
Chronicle::Template::Xslate Text::Xslate templates with Kolon syntax.      
Chronicle::Template::XslateTT Text::Xslate templates with TTerse syntax.      
Chronicle::URI A URI subclass that simplifies handling of HTTP URIs      
Chronicle::Utils some utility functions needed here and there      


chronicle A static blog-compiler.  

Other Files