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This Release X11-Protocol-0.56  [Download] [Browse 08 Oct 2006
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Special Files


X11::Auth Perl module to read X11 authority files     0.05
X11::Keysyms Perl module for names of X11 keysyms     0.01
X11::Protocol Perl module for the X Window System Protocol, version 11     0.56
X11::Protocol::Connection Perl module abstract base class for X11 client to server connections     0.01
X11::Protocol::Connection::FileHandle Perl module base class for FileHandle-based X11 connections     0.02
X11::Protocol::Connection::INETFH Perl module for FileHandle-based TCP/IP X11 connections     0.01
X11::Protocol::Connection::INETSocket Perl module for IO::Socket::INET-based X11 connections     0.01
X11::Protocol::Connection::Socket Perl module base class for IO::Socket-based X11 connections     0.02
X11::Protocol::Connection::UNIXFH Perl module for FileHandle-based Unix-domain X11 connections     0.01
X11::Protocol::Connection::UNIXSocket Perl module for IO::Socket::UNIX-based X11 connections     0.01
X11::Protocol::Constants     0.01
X11::Protocol::Ext::BIG_REQUESTS Perl module for the X11 protocol Big Requests extension     0.01
X11::Protocol::Ext::DPMS Perl module for the X11 Protocol DPMS Extension     0.01
X11::Protocol::Ext::RENDER Perl module for the X Rendering Extension     0.01
X11::Protocol::Ext::SHAPE Perl module for the X11 Protocol Nonrectangular Window Shape Extension     0.01
X11::Protocol::Ext::XC_MISC Perl module for the X11 Protocol XC-MISC Extension     0.01
X11::Protocol::Ext::XFree86_Misc Perl module for the XFree86 Misc Extension     0.01