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Source   Latest Release: Win32-SqlServer-2.011 for Win32::SqlServer.
MANIFEST This file.
README.html README file.
Win32-SqlServer.pod  [pod] Rudimentary POD for Win32::SqlServer.
Win32-SqlServer.html The Win32::SqlServer manual.
History.html History file for Win32::SqlServer.
Tests.html Information on the Win32::SqlServer test suite.
CommonInclude.h Includes external #include used by all files.
connect.cpp Connection and disconnectin.
convenience.cpp Basic utility routines.
datatypemap.cpp Map SQL Server data types to OLE DB indicators.
datetime.cpp Conversion between date/time types and Perl SVs.
errcheck.cpp Error-checking and message handling.
filestream.cpp Support for OpenSqlFilestream.
getdata.cpp nextresultset, nextrow, getoutputparams getcolumninfo
handleattributes.cpp Get handle attributes from OlleDB hash.
init.cpp Module and object initialisation.
internaldata.cpp Handling of data internal to the XS part.
senddata.cpp initbatch, enterparameter, executebatch and SV to SQL conversion.
SqlServer.xs The XS part of Win32::SqlServer The Perl part of Win32::SqlServer.
tableparam.cpp Handlng of table parameters.
utils.cpp Utility routines.
t/1_resultsets.t Test of result styles and row styles
t/2_datatypes.t Test of SQL Server data types.
t/3_retvalues.t Test of return values from SPs and UDFs.
t/4_conversion.t Test of sql_set_conversion.
t/5_errors.t Test of error handling.
t/6_paramsql.t Test of parameterised SQL statements.
t/7_objectnames.t Testing resolution of object names.
t/8_columninfo.t Testing data-type information from getcolumninfo.
t/9_loginproperties.t Test of login properties.
t/A_tableparam.t Test of table-valued parameters.
t/B_filestream.t Test for OpenSqlFileStream.
t/Y_rowsetprops.t Test of CommandTimeout and Query Notification.
t/Z_threads.t Test with Perl threads.
t/ Common login module for the test scripts.
t/Helpers/ Loads assemblies for CLR UDTs from binary strings.
t/Helpers/complexinteger.cs Source code for CLR UDT.
t/Helpers/Datehelp.bas Source code for datetesthelper.
t/Helpers/Datetesthelper.exe Help program to test DATETIME_REGIONAL.
t/Helpers/Datetesthelper.vbp Visual Basic project for datetesthelper.
t/Helpers/point.vb Source code for CLR UDT.
t/Helpers/ Test data for spatial queries for SQL 2008.
t/Helpers/ Test data for spatial queries for SQL 11.
t/Helpers/spatial.queries Queries to genereate
t/Helpers/udt_create.sql SQL script to create the assemblies from DLLs.
t/Helpers/Utf8String.cs Source code for CLR UDT.
t/Helpers/Utf8StringMax.cs Source code for CLR UDT.
META.yml Module YAML meta-data (added by MakeMaker)
META.json Module JSON meta-data (added by MakeMaker)