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Salvador Ortiz > JSPL-1.07


This Release JSPL-1.07  [Download] [Browse 16 Jan 2012
Latest Dev. Release JSPL-1.08_1  [Download] [Browse 05 Nov 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
Special Files


JSPL A bridge between JavaScript and Perl languages     1.07
JSPL::Array Reference to a JavaScript Array      
JSPL::Boolean Perl class that encapsulates the JavaScript's true and false values.      
JSPL::Boxed Encapsulates all javascript object reflected to perl space in order to syncronize SM garbage colector and perl reference counting system.      
JSPL::Context An object in which we can execute JavaScript      
JSPL::Context::Timeout Call JavaScript with Timeouts     0.20
JSPL::Controller Control which Perl namespaces can be used from JavaScript.      
JSPL::Error Encapsulates errors thrown from JavaScript      
JSPL::Function Reference to a JavaScript Function      
JSPL::Object Reference to a JavaScript Object      
JSPL::PerlClass Create native JavaScript classes in Perl      
JSPL::Runtime Runs contexts      
JSPL::Runtime::CommonJS A CommonJS-complaint Runtime     0.10
JSPL::Runtime::Stock Plugin that install stock services for JavaScript side      
JSPL::SM::ByteCode A class for inspect SpiderMonkey's bytecode      
JSPL::SM::Opcode Class that encapsulates SpiderMonkey's jsopcodes.     0.11
JSPL::Script Encapsulates pre-compiled JavaScript code.      
JSPL::Stash Perl namespaces reflector for JavaScript.      
JSPL::TrapHandler Add support for Traps Handling to JSPL      
JSPL::Visitor Perl things visiting JavaScript      


JSPL::Tweaks "JavaScriptification" tweaks for Perl modules  
PerlArray Encapsulate a Perl ARRAY in JavaScript space  
PerlHash Encapsulate a perl HASH in JavaScript space  
PerlObject Encapsulates generic perl objects in JavaScript space  
PerlScalar Encapsulate Perl SCALAR references in JavaScript  
PerlSub Encapsulate a perl CODE reference in JavaScript  
jspl JavaScript interpreter with perl powers