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Andrew Grangaard > Hadoop-Streaming-0.102490


This Release Hadoop-Streaming-0.102490  [Download] [Browse 06 Sep 2010
Latest Release Hadoop-Streaming-0.143060  [Download] [Browse 01 Nov 2014
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License The Perl 5 License (Artistic 1 & GPL 1)
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Hadoop::Streaming Contains Mapper, Combiner and Reducer roles to simplify writing Hadoop Streaming jobs     0.102490
Hadoop::Streaming::Combiner Simplify writing Hadoop Streaming jobs. Combiner follows the same interface as Reducer. Requires a combine() function which will be called for each line of combiner data. Combiners are run on the same    0.102490
Hadoop::Streaming::Mapper Simplify writing Hadoop Streaming Mapper jobs. Write a map() function and let this role handle the Stream interface.     0.102490
Hadoop::Streaming::Reducer Simplify writing Hadoop Streaming jobs. Write a reduce() function and let this role handle the Stream interface. This Reducer roll provides an iterator over the multiple values for a given key.     0.102490
Hadoop::Streaming::Reducer::Input Parse input stream for reducer     0.102490
Hadoop::Streaming::Reducer::Input::Iterator Collects values for each key together with an iterator interface     0.102490
Hadoop::Streaming::Reducer::Input::ValuesIterator Role providing access to values for a given key.     0.102490
Hadoop::Streaming::Role::Emitter Role to provide emit, counter, and status interaction with Hadoop::Streaming.     0.102490
Hadoop::Streaming::Role::Iterator Role to require has_next and next     0.102490