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Steve Purkis > OpenFrame-WebApp-0.04


This Release OpenFrame-WebApp-0.04  [Download] [Browse 01 Aug 2003
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Special Files


OpenFrame::WebApp OpenFrame tools for web applications.    0.04
OpenFrame::WebApp::Error base class for WebApp Errors.    1.3
OpenFrame::WebApp::Error::Abstract error thrown by abstract methods.    1.2
OpenFrame::WebApp::Error::LoadClass thrown when a class could not be loaded.    1.1
OpenFrame::WebApp::Factory abstract factory class    1.5
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::Decline abstract class for declining to process a pipeline.    1.2
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::Decline::SessionInStore decline if Session found in store    1.1
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::Decline::StaticContent decline if request uri is for static content.    1.1
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::Decline::TemplateInStore decline if Template found in store    1.1
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::Decline::UserInSession decline if User found in Session    1.1
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::Decline::UserInStore decline if User found in store    1.1
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::Session abstract class for getting Sessions from the store.    1.2
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::Session::CookieLoader a pipeline segment to load sessions from cookies    1.3
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::Session::Loader abstract pipeline segment to load sessions    1.6
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::Session::Saver pipeline segment to save sessions    1.2
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::Template abstract class for getting Templates from the store.    1.2
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::Template::Loader a pipeline segment to load templates.    1.1
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::User abstract class for getting Users from the store.    1.2
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::User::EnvLoader a pipeline segment to load users from the environment.    1.2
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::User::Loader abstract segment to load users.    1.2
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::User::RequestLoader a pipeline segment to load users from requests    1.1
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::User::SaveInSession save user to session.    1.2
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::User::Session abstract class for working with users stored in sessions.    1.1
OpenFrame::WebApp::Segment::User::SessionLoader a pipeline segment to load users from sessions    1.1
OpenFrame::WebApp::Session sessions for OpenFrame-WebApp    1.7
OpenFrame::WebApp::Session::CacheBase abstract base for sessions using Cache::Cache modules    1.1
OpenFrame::WebApp::Session::Factory a factory for various types of session wrappers.    1.4
OpenFrame::WebApp::Session::FileCache sessions using Cache::FileCache    1.4
OpenFrame::WebApp::Session::MemCache sessions using Cache::MemoryCache    1.2
OpenFrame::WebApp::Template abstract class for template processing wrappers    1.13
OpenFrame::WebApp::Template::Error Template errors    1.3
OpenFrame::WebApp::Template::Factory a factory for various types of template wrappers.    1.2
OpenFrame::WebApp::Template::Petal a Petal template processing wrapper    1.7
OpenFrame::WebApp::Template::TT2 a TT2 template processing wrapper    1.10
OpenFrame::WebApp::User users for OpenFrame-WebApp    1.5
OpenFrame::WebApp::User::Factory a factory for creating users    1.3

Documentation a simple OpenFrame::WebApp example 

Other Files