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Slaven Rezić > WE_Framework-0.097_03


This Release WE_Framework-0.097_03  [Download] [Browse 04 Oct 2007 ** DEVELOPER RELEASE **
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Special Files


Apache::AuthenWE mod_perl WE_Framework authentication module     1.09
Tie::DBI_DBM a tie interface to DBI databases     1.04
WE::DB root of web editor database collection     1.14
WE::DB::Base base class for all database classes     1.06
WE::DB::ComplexUser Webeditor user database.     2.21
WE::DB::ComplexUser::AuthPOP3 ComplexUser database authentication via POP3     1.03
WE::DB::ComplexUser::AuthPOP3S ComplexUser database authentication via POP3S     1.01
WE::DB::ComplexUser::AuthUnix ComplexUser database authentication via unix passwd     1.02
WE::DB::Content the content database for the web.editor     1.09
WE::DB::FS filesystem implementation of WE::DB     1.06
WE::DB::Glossary glossary data database.     1.05
WE::DB::HWContent interface to hyperwave content     1.03
WE::DB::HWObj interface to hyperwave objects     1.03
WE::DB::Info handle INFO.yml files in the we data directory     1.04
WE::DB::NISUser Webeditor interface to NIS user databases.     1.04
WE::DB::Name a name to id database     1.11
WE::DB::Obj object database for the WE_Framework     1.37
WE::DB::ObjBase base class for WE_Framework object databases     1.16
WE::DB::OnlineUser methods for users who are currently online     1.08
WE::DB::User Webeditor user database.     1.13
WE::Export export a WE::DB database     1.10
WE::Obj base object class for the web editor framework     1.10
WE::Obj::Doc a document object     1.04
WE::Obj::DocObj base class for objects holding content data     1.04
WE::Obj::Folder an object containing other objects     1.05
WE::Obj::FolderObj base class for folder-like objects     1.04
WE::Obj::FolderRestr an object containing other objects     1.02
WE::Obj::LangCluster a folder containing language dependent documents     1.03
WE::Obj::LangDoc a language-specific version of a document     1.04
WE::Obj::Sequence a object holding an ordered sequence of objects     1.05
WE::Obj::Site the root object of a site     1.05
WE::Obj::SiteRestr the root object of a site     1.02
WE::Obj::Sites an object holding WE::Obj::Site objects     1.04
WE::Server::SOAP WE_Framework server using the SOAP protocol     1.06
WE::Util::AtJobManager     1.04
WE::Util::Date date-specific functions     1.03
WE::Util::Escape     1.02
WE::Util::Functions     1.03
WE::Util::GenericTree generic class for tree representations     1.04
WE::Util::GenericTree::FromString     1.04
WE::Util::HWRights a permission model just like the H*perW*ve model     1.04
WE::Util::Htaccess create apache .htaccess files     1.07
WE::Util::Htgroup create apache AuthGroupFile files from a user database     1.05
WE::Util::Htpasswd create apache .htpasswd files from a user database     1.08
WE::Util::LangString language-dependent strings     1.08
WE::Util::MIME MIME support functions     1.03
WE::Util::Permissions rule-based permission model     1.10
WE::Util::Support support functions for the WE::DB framework     1.10
WE_Content::Base base class for all web.editor content implementations     1.14
WE_Content::IxHash provide ordered hashes     1.02
WE_Content::PerlDD web.editor content in perl data dumper files     1.07
WE_Content::Tools tools for content objects     1.07
WE_Content::XML web.editor content in XML files     1.07
WE_Content::XMLText minimal web.editor text content in XML files     1.05
WE_Content::YAML web.editor content in YAML files     1.07
WE_Frontend::FontInfo font information per browser/OS/font     1.03
WE_Frontend::Indexer::Htdig interface to the htdig search engine     1.18
WE_Frontend::Info classes for the new config file     1.34
WE_Frontend::Installer handle servicepack creation and handling     1.06
WE_Frontend::LinkChecker check a site for broken links     1.08
WE_Frontend::Logger logging facility     1.05
WE_Frontend::Main a collection of we_redisys (frontend) related functions     1.04
WE_Frontend::Main2 a collection of we_redisys (frontend) related functions     1.04
WE_Frontend::MainAny find the current WEsiteinfo and Main* implementation     1.04
WE_Frontend::MainCommon common methods for all WE_Frontend::Main* modules     1.08
WE_Frontend::Plugin::Benchmark TT plugin for making benchmarks     1.07
WE_Frontend::Plugin::Breadcrumb insert a "breadcrumb"     1.07
WE_Frontend::Plugin::HTMLFromText format a textual table description to HTML     1.05
WE_Frontend::Plugin::HtmlNum numeric html/xml entities     1.04
WE_Frontend::Plugin::JS filters for quoting and escaping javascript     1.08
WE_Frontend::Plugin::KeywordIndex gather site keywords     1.03
WE_Frontend::Plugin::Linear assume hierarchy as a "linear" list     1.07
WE_Frontend::Plugin::Navigation utilities for navigation creation     1.20
WE_Frontend::Plugin::Navigation::Object object for Navigation plugin     1.10
WE_Frontend::Plugin::Null null plugin which can print an important sentence     1.04
WE_Frontend::Plugin::NullFilter a sample custom filter     1.01
WE_Frontend::Plugin::Teaser teaser support     1.03
WE_Frontend::Plugin::TextTable format a textual table description to HTML     1.10
WE_Frontend::Plugin::WE_Navigation specialized navigation plugin     1.11
WE_Frontend::Plugin::WE_Navigation::Object object for WE_Navigation plugin     1.15
WE_Frontend::Plugin::WE_Navigation_WML specialized navigation plugin     1.01
WE_Frontend::Plugin::WE_Navigation_WML::Object     1.01
WE_Frontend::Publish common used variables     1.07
WE_Frontend::Publish::FTP publish a complete site with ftp     1.07
WE_Frontend::Publish::FTP_MD5Sync publish with FTP using MD5 fingerprints     1.05
WE_Frontend::Publish::Rdist publish files via rdist protocol     1.08
WE_Frontend::Publish::Rsync publish files via the rsync protocol     1.16
WE_Frontend::Publish::Tgz publish files to a tar.gz archive file     1.06
WE_Frontend::TextImages create text images     1.05
WE_Frontend::TextLayouter support functions for layouting text and html     1.04
WE_Multisite::Root a sample implementation for a multi-site environment     1.06
WE_Sample::HW sample web.editor interface to the Hyperwave server     1.03
WE_Sample::Root a sample implementation for a site     1.07
WE_Singlesite::Root a simple implementation for a site     1.24
WE_Singlesite::Root_GDBM     1.01
WE_Singlesite::Root_TieTextDir     1.01
WebEditor::OldController the heart of the web.editor system     1.94
WebEditor::OldController::Admin     1.31
WebEditor::OldController::Msg     1.02
WebEditor::OldController::TBPJobManager manager for time based publishing jobs     1.03
WebEditor::OldFeatures::AdminExport     1.03
WebEditor::OldFeatures::AdminGroup     1.02
WebEditor::OldFeatures::AdminHtdig     1.07
WebEditor::OldFeatures::CustomPublish     1.03
WebEditor::OldFeatures::GifHeadline     1.04
WebEditor::OldFeatures::HTMLFilterHack replace the TT html filter     1.01
WebEditor::OldFeatures::IndexerLive     1.03
WebEditor::OldFeatures::KeyDB     1.03
WebEditor::OldFeatures::MakeHTML     1.07
WebEditor::OldFeatures::MakeMenu     1.05
WebEditor::OldFeatures::MakeOnePageHTML create a postscript file from the site     1.03
WebEditor::OldFeatures::MakePDF create a PDF file from the site     1.04
WebEditor::OldFeatures::MakePS create a postscript file from the site     1.08
WebEditor::OldFeatures::Notify notify functions     1.15
WebEditor::OldFeatures::NullMixin     1.01
WebEditor::OldFeatures::PrintTemplates additionally process print templates     1.01
WebEditor::OldFeatures::SystemExplorer     1.01
WebEditor::OldFeatures::SystemInfo return system information     1.10
WebEditor::OldFeatures::TeaserLink feature to add teasers to pages     1.05
WebEditor::OldFeatures::TimeBased     1.01
WebEditor::OldFeatures::WWWAuth     1.03
WebEditor::OldFeatures::XMenus     1.10
WebEditor::OldHandler     1.04
WebEditor::SystemExplorer     1.06


GenericTree::FromString creating GenericTrees from a string representation  
internals Some internal information about the WE_Framework  
sysarch the system architecture of WE_Framework  
we_content_upgrade upgrade existing content files with new prototype files  
we_create_folder_tree create an intial database for a web.editor site  
we_create_servicepack not supported anymore  
we_db_export export a complete WE_Framework database with content files  
we_db_import import an archive created by we_db_export  
we_dump dump a WE ObjDB database  
we_export_content export content to be imported with we_import_content  
we_import_content import content previously created by we_export_content  
we_import_fs import files into a WE_Framework database  
we_import_hwx import files from a HyperWave hwx file into a WE_Framework database  
we_permission_test check a permission file  
we_shell a simple interactive shell for accessing the web.editor databases  
we_user manipulate the web.editor user database  

Other Files