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Module Version: 1.13   Source  


WE::DB::User - Webeditor user database.


my $u = WE::DB::User->new(undef, $user_db_file);

$u->add_user(username,password,fullrealname) returns 1 if creation of user was successfull

$u->get_fullname(username) returns String with full reallife-name

$u->identify(username,entered_password) returns 1 if ok

$u->user_exists(username) returns 1 if this user exists

$u->delete_user(username) returns 1 if successfull

$u->is_in_group(username,group) returns 1 if he is

$u->add_group(username,group) returns 1 if adding user to group was successfull

$u->delete_group(username,group) returns 1 if deleting user from group was successfull

$u->get_users_of_group(group) returns an Array of usernames belonging to this group

$u->get_all_users() returns an Array of all existing users (just the user names)

$u->get_all_groups() returns an Array of all existing groups (just the group names)

$u->get_user_field(user,fieldindex) return the value of the given user field

$u->set_user_field(user,fieldindex,value) returns 1 if successful


Object for administration of webeditor-users. You can add, delete, identify, modify users.

NOTE: For new projects it is generally better to use the WE::DB::ComplexUser module instead.


Olaf Mätzner -


The error method is deprecated.

Some of the methods used to return 1 on success and any other number (0 or 2) on failure. Now all methods return true on success and false on failure. Additionally, some methods set the global $ERROR package variable to an error string.


WE::DB, WE::DB::ComplexUser.

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