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we_db_export - export a complete WE_Framework database with content files


    we_db_export -class we_db_class -rootdir we_data_directory
                 [-content] [-db] [-destdir directory] [-destfile file]
                 [-q] [-versioning]


we_db_export is meant to export database and content files from one host to another. This is sometimes necessary because of incompatibilities of the underlying database engines (e.g. different Berkeley DB versions, different DBM drivers --- GDBM vs. DB_File etc.).

Please note that the exporting mechanism may miss some vital files.

If neither -destdir nor -destfile are specified, then the exported files will be archived in a .tar.gz file in the /tmp directory. The exact filename will be printed during the export process.

-class we_db_class

Use the named WE::DB class, e.g. WE::Singlesite or most probably WE_projectname::Root.

-rootdir we_data_directory

The path to the we_data directory.


Export the content files only.


Export the db files only.

-destdir directory

Put the export files into the named directory.

-destfile file

Create an archive of the export files with the specified file name.


Be quiet.


Use RCS versioning for the Data::Dumper files. Only possible together with -destdir option.


WE::Export, we_db_import.

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