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we_dump - dump a WE ObjDB database


  we_dump [-version] [-root id | -id id] [-class dbclass] [-lang lang]
      [-attribs] [-contentattribs] [-[no]lock] [-[no]connect] [-[no]readonly]
      [-[no]failsafe] [-datadumper] [-o outfile] [rootdir]


we_dump dumps a ObjDB database (only!) to a text file using Data::Dumper. The resulting file may be used to restore a database with the means described in "EXAMPLES".



Show also version objects

-root id

Start dump at the given object id (otherwise the whole database is dumped)

-id id

Alias for -root id.

-class dbclass

Specify WE::DB class e.g. WE_Singlesite::Root

-lang lang

Specify language for titles (default is "en" or the value of the LANG environment variable).


Show also attributes (very verbose!)


Show also content attributes (page type, languges...)


Lock database (for debugging lock problems)


Create permanent connection to database (for debugging, default is on)


Open readonly connection to database (default is readonly).


Do not open in failsafe mode (default is failsafe)


Do a Data::Dumper dump of the object database.

-o file

Only in conjunction with -datadumper: use the specified file for output. Otherwise Data::Dumper output goes to STDOUT.


Use RCS versioning for a Data::Dumper file.


The root directory of the database (default is ., the current directory).


A sample crontab entry for making an hourly backup of the object database:

 0 * * * * we_dump -datadumper -versioning -outfile /path/to/dumpfile /path/to/we_data

To restore such a dump, the following steps should be done:


Slaven Rezic <>

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