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Distribution Released
Acme-Throw-0.002 For when code makes you want to throw something. [Download] [Browse] 13 Dec 2013
Thrift-API-HiveClient-0.003 A Hadoop Hive client using the Thrift API [Download] [Browse] 21 Aug 2012
Getopt-Long-Spec-0.002 translate Getopt::Long specs into a hash of attributes, and back again [Download] [Browse] 16 Jul 2012
Set-CartesianProduct-Lazy-0.002 lazily calculate the tuples of a cartesian-product [Download] [Browse] 09 Jun 2012
IPC-OpenAny-0.005 Run a process with control over any FDs it may use. [Download] [Browse] 01 Jun 2012
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Git-1.121010 update your git repository after release [Download] [Browse] 10 Apr 2012
Devel-Valgrind-Massif-OutputParser-0.005 Parse the output from massif just like [Download] [Browse] 03 Apr 2012
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-Git-GatherDir-0.003 uses git ls-files to decide what to gather for the build [Download] [Browse] 03 Apr 2012
Catalyst-Plugin-Session-Store-FastMmap-0.14 FastMmap session storage backend. [Download] [Browse] 18 Nov 2010
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-ReadmeFromPod-0.14 Automatically convert POD to a README for Dist::Zilla [Download] [Browse] 17 Sep 2010
Pod-Stupid-0.005 The simplest, stupidest 'pod parser' possible [Download] [Browse] 17 Sep 2010
Date-Extract-Surprise-0.006 extract probable dates from strings *with surprises* [Download] [Browse] 20 Aug 2010
BackPAN-Version-Discover-0.01 Figure out exactly which dist versions you have installed [Download] [Browse] 29 Jun 2010
TL1ng-0.08 A simple, flexible, OO way to work with TL1. [Download] [Browse] 09 Sep 2008
Stem-0.12   [Download] [Browse] 08 Sep 2008
SNMP-Query-Asynch-v0.1_38 Fast asynchronous execution of batches of SNMP queries [Download] [Browse] 11 Mar 2008
MRTG-Config-0.04 Perl module for parsing MRTG configuration files [Download] [Browse] 02 Jul 2007