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Net::Peep::Parser - Perl extension for parsing configuration files for Peep: The Network Auralizer.


  use Net::Peep::Parser;
  my $parser = new Net::Peep::Parser;

  # load returns a Net::Peep::Conf object.  %options conform to
  # the specifications given in Getopt::Long

  my $conf = $parser->load(%options);

  # all of the configuration information in /etc/peep.conf
  # is now available through the observer methods in the
  # Net::Peep::Conf object


Net::Peep::Parser parses a Peep configuration file and returns a Net::Peep::Conf object whose accessors contain all the information found in the configuration file.


None by default.


  load(%options) - loads configuration information found in the file
  $options{'config'} .  Returns a Net::Peep::Conf object.

  parseConfig($config) - parses the configuration file $config.

  parseClass($filehandle,$classname) - parses the class definition
  section of a configuration file.

  parseClient($filehandle,$client) - parses the client definition
  section of a configuration file.

  parseEvents($filehandle) - parses the event definition section of a
  configuration file.

  parseState($filehandle) - parses the state definition section of a
  configuration file.

  parseClientEvents($filehandle) - parses the client event definition
  section of a configuration file.

  parseClientDefault($filehandle) - parses the client defaults section
  of a configuration file.

  logger() - returns a Net::Peep::Log object for logging and

  conf() - gets/sets a Net::Peep::Conf object for storing and
  retrieving configuration information.


Collin Starkweather <> Copyright (C) 2001


perl(1), peepd(1), Net::Peep::BC, Net::Peep::Log, Net::Peep::Conf.


$Log:,v $ Revision 1.6 2001/10/01 05:20:05 starky Hopefully the final commit before release 0.4.4. Tied up some minor issues, did some beautification of the log messages, added some comments, and made other minor changes.

Revision 1.5 2001/09/23 08:53:57 starky The initial checkin of the 0.4.4 release candidate 1 clients. The release includes (but is not limited to): o A new client: pinger o A greatly expanded sysmonitor client o An API for creating custom clients o Extensive documentation on creating custom clients o Improved configuration file format o E-mail notifications Contact Collin at collin.starkweather@colorado with any questions.

Revision 1.4 2001/08/08 20:17:57 starky Check in of code for the 0.4.3 client release. Includes modifications to allow for backwards-compatibility to Perl 5.00503 and a critical bug fix to the 0.4.2 version of Net::Peep::Conf.

Revision 1.3 2001/08/06 04:20:36 starky Fixed bug #447844.

Revision 1.2 2001/07/23 17:46:29 starky Added versioning to the configuration file as well as the ability to specify groups in addition to / as a replacement for event letters. Also changed the Net::Peep::Parse namespace to Net::Peep::Parser. (I don't know why I ever named an object by a verb!)

Revision 1.1 2001/07/23 16:18:35 starky Changed the namespace of Net::Peep::Parse to Net::Peep::Parser. (Why did I ever create an object whose namespace was a verb anyway?!?) This file was consequently moved from peep/client/Net/Peep/Parse to its current location.

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