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Choosing the Right Strategy

Description ^

This document discusses various mod_perl setup strategies used to get the best performance and scalability of the services.

Do it like I do it!? ^

There is no such thing as the right strategy in the web server business, although there are many wrong ones. Never believe a person who says: "Do it this way, this is the best!". As the old saying goes: "Trust but verify". There are too many technologies out there to choose from, and it would take an enormous investment of time and money to try to validate each one before deciding which is the best choice for your situation.

With this in mind, I will present some ways of using standalone mod_perl, and some combinations of mod_perl and other technologies. I'll describe how these things work together, offer my opinions on the pros and cons of each, the relative degree of difficulty in installing and maintaining them, and some hints on approaches that should be used and things to avoid.

To be clear, I will not address all technologies and tools, but limit this discussion to those complementing mod_perl.

Please let me stress it again: do not blindly copy someone's setup and hope for a good result. Choose what is best for your situation -- it might take some effort to find out what that is.

In this chapter we will discuss

Maintainers ^

Maintainer is the person(s) you should contact with updates, corrections and patches.

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