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Description ^

Refer to this document to learn what changes were made to the documents, since you've read these last time.

The most recent changes are listed first.

??? ^

* Make the os docset, containing the win32 chapters.

Thu May 30 13:47:02 SGT 2002 ^

* split content into install and config [Randy Kobes <>]

Wed Apr 3 16:08:49 SGT 2002 ^

* normalize the case, change the titles slightly (we won't need underscored titles for the documentation, normal ones are much more readable), and corrected some minors things (reference to nmake, and changed some spacing in examples to make it one long code section as is advised in style.pod). [Per Einar Ellefsen <>]

Fri Dec 21 12:20:02 SGT 2001 ^

* win32::multithread, win32::binaries and win32::compile initial docs submitted by Randy Kobes <>

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