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Discussion of multithreading on Win32 mod_perl-1.xx

Description ^

This document discusses the multithreading limitations of mod_perl-1.xx on Win32.

The problem ^

On Win32, mod_perl is effectively single threaded. What this means is that a single instance of the interpreter is created, and this is then protected by a server-wide lock that prevents more than one thread from using the interpreter at any one time. The fact that this will prevent parallel processing of requests, including static requests, can have serious implications for production servers that often must handle concurrent or long-running requests.

This situation changes with Apache/mod_perl 2.0, which is based on a multi-process/multi-thread approach using a native Win32 threads implementation See the mod_perl 2 overview for more details, and the discussion of modperl-2 in Win32 on getting modperl-2 for Win32 in particular.

See Also ^ and, especially the discussion of Apache-2 and modperl-2.

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