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Installing mod_perl

Description ^

This chapter provides an indepth mod_perl 2.0 installation coverage.

Prerequisites ^

The mod_perl 2.0 prerequisites are:

prefork MPM

Requires at least Perl version 5.6.0. But we strongly suggest to use at least version 5.6.1, since 5.6.0 is quite buggy.

You don't need to have threads-support enabled in Perl. If you do have it, it must be ithreads and not 5005threads! If you have:

  % perl5.8.0 -V:use5005threads

you must rebuild Perl without threads enabled or with -Dusethreads. Remember that threads support slows things down, so don't enable it unless you really need it.

threaded MPMs

Require at least Perl version 5.8.0 with ithreads support built-in. That means that it should report:

  % perl5.8.0 -V:useithreads -V:usemultiplicity

If that's not what you see rebuild Perl with -Dusethreads.

Maintainers ^

Maintainer is the person(s) you should contact with updates, corrections and patches.

Authors ^

Only the major authors are listed above. For contributors see the Changes file.

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