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Binary mod_perl distributions

Description ^

This document includes links to various binary mod_perl distributions.

If you know about a distribution that isn't listed here, please tell us (by announcing it at the mod_perl list).

See also the source distributions and the bundles.

How to get pre-compiled mod_perl ^

Win32 mod_perl 1.0

Win32 mod_perl Binaries (made by Randy Kobes) - Grab the perl-win32-bin.exe self-extracting file. There's accompanying readme files with more details on the particular versions of packages included. These all include Perl and some common modules, so are largish.

For more information please read the Win32 Documentation.

Win32 mod_perl 2.0 (BETA)

An experimental mod_perl-2.0 win32 binary package is available at for those Win32 users who want a preview of things to come.

This archive will unpack into an "Apache2" directory, underneath which is a "blib" subdirectory containing the necessary perl files. These are included when starting Apache by a modperl directive found near the end of conf/httpd.conf, where a sample "Hello World" modperl handler is also found. Some editing of httpd.conf will be necessary if this package is installed in a location other than "\Apache2".

The package was compiled with the recent cvs sources, using VC++ 6 and an ActivePerl based on perl-5.6.1. The library in the Apache modules/ directory will most probably not work with other Apache-2 binary packages.

Being under development, there are most likely bugs present. For questions/problems on Apache-2, see the docs at, and for modperl-2, see the information on subscribing to the "dev" mailing list.

Also available at is a package perl-5.8-win32-bin.tar.gz containing a binary distribution of perl-5.8/apache-2/mod_perl-2, also compiled with recent cvs sources. This will unpack into two directories - Perl and Apache2 - as well as an INSTALL.txt file containing installation instructions.

Win32 Active Perl

Win32 ActivePerl mod_perl ppms - suitable for builds 6xx. You can install this by, within the ppm shell, setting the repository to and typing install mod_perl (or install mod_perl-eapi if you're running a mod_ssl-enabled Apache). This will also run a post-install script to install the required to your Apache modules/ directory - if this does not work, grab the mod_perl.tar.gz file under and extract from there. This mod_perl package is built against the current stable Apache release. Some ppms of other Apache modules are also available in this repository.

Also available in this repository is a mod_perl-2 ppm package, which you can install within the ppm shell as install mod_perl-2.

RedHat Linux

Static mod_perl and libapreq (Apache::Request) RPMs and SRPMs (made by David Harris ) Mirrored at

RedHat Linux (including php3)

i386 RPMs + SRPM (RedHat) of Apache with mod_perl and php3 built staticaly. (made by Vladimir Ivaschenko)

other OS

OS vendors may supply their own pre-compiled version of mod_perl. Refer to your OS vendor to figure out if they provide a binary version of mod_perl.

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