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Example PerlTransHandler

Using mod_perl to rewrite URLs ^

Anyone that's looked at web logs will quickly see the usefulness of this little mod_perl script. It catches all requests for favicon.ico and rewrites the request to point to a vaild location. No more logs full of 404 errors.

This example is adapted from the mod_perl Developer's Cookbook, chapter 12.

  package Cookbook::Favicon;
  use Apache::Constants qw(DECLINED);
  use strict;
  sub handler {
      my $r = shift;
          if $r->uri =~ m!/favicon\.ico$!
      return DECLINED;

And configure in httpd.conf with:

    PerlModule Cookbook::Favicon
    PerlTransHandler Cookbook::Favicon

Although this example could easily be accomplished with Apache's mod_rewrite module, this example demonstrates how easy it is to rewrite URLs programatically, using Perl.

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