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Serguei Trouchelle
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Distribution Released
Test-Reporter-Transport-Metabase-Fallback-1.001 Metabase transport for Test::Reporter with fallback to File transport [Download] [Browse] 25 Jan 2018
CPAN-SQLite-0.211 maintain and search a minimal CPAN database [Download] [Browse] 14 Jul 2015
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-FullFaker-1.002 using existing Makefile.PL from other gatherer [Download] [Browse] 01 Jul 2015
WWW-DreamHost-API-1.07 DreamHost Web Panel API [Download] [Browse] 30 Jun 2015
Prompt-Timeout-1.04_04 prompt() with auto-selecting default value in case of inactivity [Download] [Browse] 07 Jul 2011
CGI-Application-Plugin-DevPopup-Query-1.03 Show CGI query in DevPopup window [Download] [Browse] 10 Jun 2011
Dist-Zilla-Plugin-GatherFromManifest-1.001 gather all files from MANIFEST [Download] [Browse] 25 Sep 2010
Win32-Uptime-1.02 Calculate uptime for Win32 systems [Download] [Browse] 23 Sep 2010
Task-CPANAuthors-STRO-2009.1223 "Task" for installing modules maintained by STRO [Download] [Browse] 23 Dec 2009
CGI-Application-Plugin-DevPopup-Params-1.01 show CGI::Application parameters in DevPopup window [Download] [Browse] 07 Dec 2009
Task-CPANAuthors-STRO-PPMCreator-2009.1018   [Download] [Browse] 18 Oct 2009
Lingua-Multinational-Translit-ICAO-1.05 Multinational characters transliteration into ICAO Doc 9303 [Download] [Browse] 16 Sep 2009
Lingua-Cyrillic-Translit-ICAO-1.05 Cyrillic characters transliteration into ICAO Doc 9303 [Download] [Browse] 16 Sep 2009
Lingua-UK-Jcuken-1.04 Conversion between QWERTY and JCUKEN keys in Ukrainian [Download] [Browse] 26 Feb 2008
Lingua-RU-Jcuken-1.04 Conversion between QWERTY and JCUKEN keys in Russian [Download] [Browse] 26 Feb 2008
Text-Compare-1.03 Language sensitive text comparison [Download] [Browse] 23 Jun 2007
FTN-Nodelist-1.07 Process FTN nodelist [Download] [Browse] 28 Feb 2007
FindBin-Real-1.05 Locate directory of original perl script [Download] [Browse] 04 Feb 2007
Data-Define-1.03 Make undef's defined [Download] [Browse] 03 Feb 2007
FTN-Address-1.03 Process FTN addresses [Download] [Browse] 03 Feb 2007