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CPAN::Porters - resource for people maintaining packages of CPAN modules in various distributions


CPAN modules can be either installed from source (downloaded directly from CPAN) or they can be installed with the package mangement system of your distribution.

CPAN::Porters is a resource for people who are maintaining those packages in the various distributions.

Reasoning ^

When developing an application we usually don't want to build our own machine. Neither compile our own kernel. In most of the cases we won't want to compile and install our own version of a database engine nor Apache or any other 3rd party tool. So my assumption is that we won't want to install our CPAN dependencies either. Again - in the standard case.

For people just using an application written in Perl it is even more important that they should not deal with all these packages. Most of us know how much people suffer when they need to install 10s of modules and their dependencies from CPAN. Especially for modules with dependencies outside of CPAN.

While, have improved a lot they still cannot deal with cases when one of the dependencies fails to install cleanly.

In addition while we usually want to work with recent versions of modules from CPAN, we usually don't want to get the bleeding edge. Espcially not in applications.

General resources ^ Statistics about CPAN modules in the various distributions

Related mailing lists

Module Authors:

Perl QA and the mailing list

CPAN Testers

CPAN Discuss

Guidelines for inclusion ^

In addition to the guidelines of each distribution on which module to include, when to upgrade etc. we would like to setup our own guidelines to help people decide what to include, what would be the priorites, when to upgrade a module etc.

A few guidelines on how to select and prioritize modules:

Requirements for inclusion or upgrade

Guidelines for module authors ^

In order to make packaging of CPAN modules for the various distros easier module authors should create and package their module adhering to some standards. Following is a wishlist created by the Debian Perl module maintainers:

Distributions ^

For our purposes a distribution is one if the Linux (or BSD) distributions with its own rpm or deb (...) based packaging system. It can also be some stand-alone Perl package such as the ActivePerl of ActiveState or Vanilla and Strawberry Perl.


Perl Packages - the return

Building Debian Packages of Perl modules:

Debian New Maintainers' Guide

Debian Perl mailing list:

The Debian Perl Policy

The latest versions of CPAN modules built for Debian. This site is not related to the official Debian packages. It can be good for people who want the latest versions of CPAN modules in .deb format.

Debian Package serach tool will help finding out if a module is already in included:

Wiki about the Debian Perl Group:



My current understanding is that the best way to get CPAN modules into Ubuntu is to get them into Debian unstable and then sync them into Ubuntu universe.

Look at Gutsy Gibson (7.10) development forum and more specifically at Requesting New Packages for Inclusion in Gutsy Universe


More details needed.

For now look at and

And the wish-list so far:







As in Gentoo the standard way is to install everything from source and they have some way to channel all CPAN via their system for Gentoo this whole issue is probably not relevant.





ActivePerl is distribute by ActiveState Its list of packages far exceeds of any of the other distributions listed here. It is based on the automatic build system of ActiveState.

Strawberry and Vanilla

Sun Solaris





PIG has moved here:

cpan2dist is a script from CPANPLUS


This document is maintained by Gabor Szabo <>

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